January 31, 2020

Grace Schools partners Canada-based Loyalist College for int’l studies

Grace Schools

By Ekaette Bassey

One of Nigeria’s leading academic institution, Grace Schools has announced its partnership with the Canadian institution, Loyalist college, to prepare school-leaving students for onward academic pursuits abroad.

For more than a decade, Loyalist College has supported over 6,000 students to reach their higher education goals.

Jim Whiteway, Director of International Education Loyalist College said Grace Schools is the first school in Nigeria that will establish this kind of partnership with a world-class academic institution, which allows students to take the first academic year in Nigerian before coming down to Canada to further the course.

“At Loyalist College, you’ll receive individual attention in small classes from faculty who can guide you in achieving positive outcomes and acquiring the skills you need to launch and grow your career”, he said

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“Enrolling in Loyalist’s Business Administration advanced diploma program gives you the opportunity to work toward a wide range of credentials and provides the flexibility to transfer into another program which may further enhance your employability.”

Speaking during the courtesy visits to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, representative to the school, in company of the Canadian Consulate, described the opportunities in enrolling to Loyalist College through Grace Schools programs.

“Through a hybrid Canadian curriculum grounded in the highest academic standards and a diverse range of field learning, extracurricular, and leadership opportunities, Loyalist College will empower students to think critically, excel in their academic and professional exploits, and thrive while studying in Canada.

“At Loyalist College, this is not a byword, but the reality and source of inspiration. At Loyalist College, the school builds up and trains leaders who can succeed anywhere in the world. Loyalist College achieves this by developing not only academic skills, but also interpersonal, logical, collaborative, creative and innovative skills. The students are nurtured to be well-rounded, hardworking, resilient and confident individuals.”

Due to the high rating of Canadian education in the world and the ever-increasing demand of Nigerian students wanting to study in Canada and the rest of the world, Loyalist College decided to focus on providing Canadian Grade Pre-University Programs, through Grace Schools.