By Chinedu Adonu

VETERAN Nollywood actor, Chief Pete Edochie, has called on the South East governors and leaders to fashion modalities to rescue the culture and tradition of Igbo land, which he said is currently endangered.

Edochie lamented high neglect of Igbo culture and language by present generation of Ndigbo, especially the youths, stressing that preservation and promotion of Igbo culture is sacrosanct.

The Nollywood superstar stated this during the audition of upcoming triple movie series namely, Lion of Africa; going to America, King Omenka and Haunted, which took place at Ofuobi African Centre, Enugu.

“If the south east governors can make some budgetary allocation for films that are showcasing our culture, it will be wonderful. We want to be showcasing our culture in every channels to let our youths understand the important and why they must follow suite” Edochie said.

He disclosed that the movies, which would be produced on the stable of Blessed Oliver Global (BOG) Entertainment are targeted to promote Igbo culture and tradition and as well showcase same to the world.

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Edochie, who was one of the audition panelists, described the exercise as very transparent, and commended the CEO of BOG Entertainment, Benjamin Okoro for developing huge passion and drive for the preservation of Igbo culture and tradition.

He urged youths to always work hard to succeed in life, stressing that many young actors and actresses in the industry are not ready to pay the necessary sacrifices to excel.

“I agreed with BOG entertainment to participate in the movie and showcase our culture to the world, because the youths are endangering our culture. It won’t be long from now the Igbo language will be forgotten, followed by the tradition. But I vowed not to allow Igbo language, culture and tradition die off as long as am alive. There are so many things happening in our land which is not part of our tradition. A man kneeling down to propose a woman. It’s an abomination. They are emulating foreigners that worship woman like idol.

“The younger generation are not ready to learn, they want to take over, we don’t take over without learning. When you are born you learn to sit, then you crawl, then you toddle, then you walk, then you run, different stages in life”, Edochie lamented.

Also speaking, the Chief Executive Officer of BOG, Benjamin Okoro, expressed satisfaction with the number of participants, maintaining that the best among them would be selected to meet international standard.

He pointed out that Lion of Africa going to America is a big project that required over 200 actors and actresses, adding that the production would cost about N100million.

While regretting young talent wasting in the country, Okoro disclosed that BOG entertainment haunt for upcoming artist to engage them and reduce the alarming unemployment in the country.

“Today, we are conducting audition for upcoming production. The production is special because it is a big project not our normal day to day big. We have like Lion of Africa going to America which is an international project.

“We wish to haunt for talents to get every best artist we need. The lion of Africa going to America required more than 200 artist because it’s an international project by which some artist will be going to America to complete the program.

“BOG maintains good equipment to achieve quality production. We try to promote upcoming artist considering other work that we have at hand. The budget for Lion of Africa going to America is N100million while the other two movie is N30million and N20milion each.

“We want to use the move to promote the culture of Africa by telling the world that Africans are not actually slave as envisaged”, he said.


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