January 11, 2020

Chieftaincy title: Aniocha Prince says no to kingship, allegedly absconds over threat to life

Chieftaincy title: Aniocha Prince says no to kingship, allegedly absconds over threat to life

By Chris Ochayi

A move to compel a young man to take up a traditional title of his family has taken a different dimension as the heir apparent has disappeared into thin air in order to escape the responsibility.

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The title which is a family birth right is in a community in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State.

The seat became vacant after the demise of the young man’s father who held it for more than 21 years.

Although, the Prince now on the run was supposed to have taken over the reigns after his father’s death; he was deemed too young to assume such responsibility at the time.

And since the stool is hereditary and could only be occupied by someone from the linage, the father’s brother was selected to assume the traditional headship since the throne abhors vacuum.

Trouble started for the young Prince a few years ago when he also lost his uncle, who succeeded his late father. Soon after his uncle’s death, he came under serious pressure from his immediate family members who insisted that the time has come for him to take up the traditional throne of the family.

His opposition to this demand has however, assumed a life threatening dimension with even his wife and kids not spared, forcing them to flee to an unknown destination.

In fact, his female siblings felt disappointed that having come of age, to stand for the family, their brother is still reluctant to assume the throne; thus constituting an embarrassment to the entire family.

He has the first male child in a family of four children left behind by their deceased father who held it for a long period. Now the women did not stop at only threatening the life of their brother, they have extended the anger to his wife, who they accused of not encouraging her husband enough to take the traditional title.

In fact, they have alleged that her disapproval of the title mainly was because she hails from another part of the country, while accusing her of trying to undermine their culture.

A reliable source close to the family reveal that the issue is giving the family members and the community at large sleepless night, said the matter is far from over as the heir to the title has so far avoided all entreaties to take the responsibility.

The source who would not what his name mentioned told Sunday Vanguard that, the throne is hereditary; saying the price’s refusal to mount the saddle has been interpreted by his siblings as a denial of the family of the privileges that come with the throne.

He said, “We are made to understand that the prince including his family has left the country to only God knows destination when the pressure took a new dimension and became a threat to life.   This started about three years ago. The man did not take the entire thing serious at the beginning but when the issue assumed a new height, he decided to leave.”

He added that, “Information pieced together few weeks back indicated that the prince and his family want to seek asylum in a foreign country. But whether they will be granted is what we don’t know.  “The Prince rejected the pressure to take up the traditional title of his community because of his Christian faith. I think at a time he opened up to some people that as a Christian, he won’t go through all the traditional shenanigans which the traditional stool embodies.

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“He was also said to be bitter that his siblings are threatening his life and that of his wife, whom they accused of not doing enough to persuade him to take the said title.  You know the siblings stand to benefit so many things by having their own blood as the title holder in the community.”