January 28, 2020

Breaking: Archbishop Martins lists Nigeria’s enemies, calls security personnel’s to…

Adewale Martins

Cardinal Adewale Martins

Cardinal Adewale Martins

By Sam Eyoboka

WORRIED that the nation is currently bedevilled by many enemies whose desire is to see her disintegrate, Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos has identified the enemies and urged the authorities to do the needful.

Speaking recently on the state of the nation, the prelate said it was unfortunate that though the country was being surrounded by deadly enemies who are working towards her disintegration little was being done by those in authority to address the root causes.

He specifically identified the Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram as one of those that maim and destroy the livelihood of innocent Nigerians while also threatening the future and security of the nation.

Also on his list of Nigeria’s enemies, according to him, are killer herdsmen and kidnappers who go about terrorizing innocent Nigerians and forcing them to pay ransom in exchange for their lives. In addition, he identified as enemies those in authority who formulate negative policies designed to drag the country backward.

“The enemies of Nigeria are those who pose as herdsmen but are in fact agents of darkness who kill and destroy people’s farms, rape their women and attempt to take over their land. The enemies of Nigeria are those who make policies and take decisions that give a lot of anxiety and concern to the people of Nigeria,” he maintained.

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He threw his weight solidly behind the setting up of any positive initiative that would assist the police in safeguarding the lives and properties of Nigerians.

Here him, “If we have insecurity and the structure of security on ground has proved unable to secure the people, is it not a matter of common sense that everyone will rally round any positive security initiate and make it work?

“The Governors of South West came together and created an outfit, Amotekun, to help safeguard their people and yet some people are kicking against it. These leaves people with the impression that they are happy with the insecurity in the land. It also leaves the impression that they are behind the insecurity,” he said.

While condemning the renewed attacks and killings of Christians in some parts of the, country, Archbishop Martins said such actions tend to create anxiety amongst Christians and also fern the rumour that there was truly an islamisation agenda being played out.

He called on the federal government to urgently address all threats to the existence of Christianity and Christians in Nigeria. He also implored Christians to be alert at all times, live peacefully with their neighbours but not allow themselves to fall victims of premature death.