Akintoye, Yoruba, Amotekun
Professor Banji Akintoye

The Yoruba World Congress Leader, Professor Adebanji Akintoye, who leads other 28 different organisations, at the launch of Operation Amotekun, said the zone would not fold its arms while its indigenes are being overrun.

He said this while granting an interview with Vanguard before the commencement of the programme.

While giving his goodwill message, Prof Akintoye said: “I don’t think anybody is in doubt that our nation is in danger today. Our farmers are being driven from their lands. And we know that large numbers of our farmers out of the fear for their lives and families have fled their abodes.

“The foundation of our economic well being is fearfully being eroded. And we cannot just watch. And the Yoruba people have not just watched. When we first started, we did not know how to take it because we Yoruba are peaceful people.

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“We love others and we were surprised to find that any other group of people anywhere in the world develop an agenda to wreck the peace and security and stability of any part of the world. We did not know how to respond and so our people suffered very seriously in many parts of our States, and our zones.

“By and by, our people have arisen and are answering back increasingly, creditably, and that is a good thing. To say a person is a Yoruba is a great thing in the world. Now, our governors have come forward to give us leadership and we say thank you, we love you our governors.

“You are well-brought-up people and children of this nation. You are sophisticated people; men of honour and accomplishments. We have the assurances that having started this, you will keep it going. And you will continue to make it deliver the services you intend it to deliver to our people.

“Secondly, we did not rear you to go and break upcountry. We rear you to be leaders of the world, and each of you is a leader of the world in your own rights. I am sure you are not involved in any break up of the integrity and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That is not what is happening today. What is happening is that the Yoruba by their elected leaders have decided to give the highest level of protection to their people in their fatherland and homes.

“Thank you very much as we assure you of our supports and the support of all the Yoruba people. On the question of how the Amotekun people will relate with the police, I dare say that we are being led by educated people. We are going to train the people who will work for  Amotekun properly so that they can have a proper relationship with the police and the Army. I don’t think there can be any problem.”



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