…as pro-life activist says population not a problem

By Elizabeth Uwandu

Worried over the huge investment the West is putting into the campaign on abortion as a guise to fighting overpopulation, guest speakers at the 2019 Catholic Men Organization, CMO, Lekki Deanery, Family Day celebration have called on Nigerians and the entire black race to protect their cultural heritage and value the family.

A tragedy of choice!  

Speaking at the event which had the presence of His Grace Rev., Archbishop of Lagos Metropolitan.

Dr. Alfred Martins; Bishop of Oyo Diocese. His Lordship, Emmanuel Badejo and an international and strategist speaker, Ms Obianuju Ekeocha as guest speakers among other dignitaries; the coordinator, Lekki Deanery, CMO, Lekki , Mr. Kingsley Ekwem said that although no one has the right to condemn or judge anyone for his or her belief, the fact remained that there was a disruption in our cultural values which we must all stand up against.

His words: “That an ideological war is raging against the future of our society, our family values, our children, indeed our faith, is no longer news.  It is all over the place.  Confused and strange gender theory; sexualization of children in all manner, forms and shapes; deconstruction of the age long institution of marriage; real attempts to normalize what is unnatural; and of course the glorification of the killing of the unborn child.  All these, and many more, are ‘the other fruits’ coming from the same tree.

“We should be concerned and visibly so about this moral crisis.  All men and women of good will from any culture and faith that share our common human and family values should be. No one is excluded from this concern and from the need to struggle against this crisis.

“We neither judge nor condemn anyone, God will. We only say the truth as ordained by God. However, we should stand up, speak the truth and make sure the sensitization to protect our family values are done by all irrespective of religion, gender or race. “Ekwem affirmed.

On her part, the Pro-life Activist, Obianuju Ekeocha, in her lecture while reiterating that Nigeria does not have a population crisis, explained that the inability of the government to meet the masses’ needs was one of the reasons that fueled the conscious war on African family structure through abortion ideology by Western countries and the United Nations.

According to the founder, Culture Life Foundation: “The problem emanated from the United Nations (UN) a powerful organization that has now decided to side with the Western countries, some among whom have legalized abortion. And because they have, they are now forcing developing countries not for us to get to their level of education, development, or technology, but they want us to get on their level with abortion.

“Statistically, more than $9 Billion with the bill, every year is heading towards Africa, to force Africans to abort their babies.

“They are putting a lot of money, pressure, trying to entice our women with feminism ideology; it’s a huge racket and they are making a whole lot of money out of it, and investing a lot of money into it. For them, it’s a business venture.”

On the notion of preaching safe abortion, the social activist noted that: “On ‘Safe Abortion which is the new terminology for abortion among some Pro-life health centers in Nigeria, which abortion is illegal? she said, it is like saying ‘Safe Murder’.

“Safe abortion is one of the most unbelievable terms, because it’s like saying safe murder. How can you make murder safe, or kidnapping or robbery safe? These are the most horrific things in life. You cannot make something that is objectively wrong safe or healthier.

“Abortion is a destruction of a human life at the very early stages of life. So, they are just looking for a way to kill the unborn baby, while it’s still growing in the womb, while the mother is still alive. And I think there is nothing more horrific than this idea, that the youngest members of our society are people that, as I am speaking to you, are working on a daily basis to find out ways to make it easier to kill the child, while the child is still in the womb.”

“Our population is not the problem, but the way Nigerians are settling in a few cities. There are only about 10 cities where people are living in a country as big as Nigeria. If you don’t live in Lagos, you live in Port Harcourt, Warri, Abuja, Aba, Onitsha, Benin, Uyo, and other couples of cities alike.

“And I think what Nigerians should be talking about is how to get a proper development which is well distributed. When this happens, the exodus of people from the village to the few cities would cease as there are no more people in villages in Nigeria. “ She said.

Speaking on the topic, Abortion: Your personal belief or the sanctity of life, Bishop Badejo who inundated his lecture with quotes from renowned persons gave the following insight.

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“The direct destruction of so-called “useless lives,” already born or still in the womb, can in no wise be justified . The life of an innocent person is sacrosanct, and any direct attempt or aggression against it is a violation of one of the fundamental laws without which secure human society is impossible. Pope Pius XII, Allocution to Midwives, October 29, 1951

“If a person’s right to life is violated at the moment in which he is first conceived in his mother’s womb, an indirect blow is struck also at the whole of the moral order. Human life is precious because it is the gift of God, a God whose love is infinite; and when God gives life, it is forever

Pope John Paul II: homily at the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., on October 7, 1979

The effects of abortion?

The Bishop of Oyo Diocese explained that abortion made a significant contribution for 12 of the 15 disorders studied that included: anxiety disorders (panic disorder, panic attacks, agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder), mood disorders (bipolar disorder, mania, major depression) and substance abuse disorders.

He also noted that a survey of 5, 877 women found that women who had abortions were at higher risk for various mental health disorders.

Listing some of the effects of abortion on based on Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 2006 as :” Young women who had abortions subsequently had higher rates of substance abuse, anxiety disorders, and suicidal behavior than women who had not had abortions, even after controlling for pre-existing conditions.

Approximately 42percent of women with a history of abortion had experienced major depression in the last four years (nearly double the rate of women who had not been pregnant) and 35 % higher than those who carried to term.

And the effects on men were grief and sadness; damaged sense of masculinity; rage and anger and physical and emotional abuse among others.

The implication of the above according to the clergyman was that the children of women who had abortions have less supportive home environments and more behavioral problems than children of women without a history of abortion.

This finding supports the view that abortion may negatively affect bonding with subsequent children, disturb mothering skills, and otherwise impact a woman’s psychological stability.       And in the words of Mother Teresa during her Nobel Prize acceptance lecture: September 17, 1988 at Ottawa, Canada, “Every abortion kills two: the child and the conscience of the mother. The latter will never forget she, herself, has killed her own child. If you don’t want that child, I want it, give it to me!

Bishop Badejo summarized his lecture noting that life entailed giving according to the induction of God. The first blessing in the Bible comes through sexual love – the blessing of children; Children are a God-planned part of sexual love, not an “accident” and we live in a culture that denies this part of sexuality

Earlier in his speech, chairman of the occasion, Prof. Chris Ogbechie, noted that family which was the base of the society needed to be protected.

He said,  “The most important thing is love. The role of love and enhancing that the family stays together. The family being the base of the society must be protected.

“Once the family is destroyed, then society would be destroyed. The family is been attacked today. Things that would make family not to exist are now being pushed towards the family.

“When you talk of abortion, you are actually killing a baby, killing an unborn child. And when you don’t have a child in the family, the family definitely is dying. Secondly, when you talk of same sex marriage; marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman, hence a child most have a father and a mother. Once you then destroy that, you are also destroying the family.

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“If you have these issues threatening the family, the chances are that you are indirectly destroying the society. That’s the big message.”


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