December 10, 2019

Serial rapist gets 33 life sentences for attacks on 11 women, children

Serial rapist gets 33 life sentences for attacks on 11 women, children

Britain’s worst rapist Joseph McCann has been sentenced to life behind bars after carrying out a series of brutal sex attacks on 11 women and children.

‘Self-obsessed’ McCann, 34, refused to show up to the Old Bailey on Monday afternoon to hear his sentencing by Mr Justice Edis because he claimed he had a ‘bad back’.

He also chose not to appear via video-link. During two-week cocaine and vodka-fuelled rampage, the predator abducted and raped his victims, aged 11 to 71, at knife-point in London, Watford and the North West.

McCann, who had addresses in Aylesbury and Harrow, was eventually caught up a tree after being chased by police officers who interrupted his attempt to rape two 14-year-old girls.

Mr Justice Edis branded McCann a ‘classic psychopath’, ‘a coward, violent bully and paedophile’, as he gave him 33 life sentences with a minimum term of 30 years.

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On Friday, a jury deliberated for five hours to find him guilty of 37 charges relating to 11 victims, including eight rapes, false imprisonment and kidnap. McCann was also not present for his trial.

The convicted burglar and one of the UK’s first ASBO teens, had been freed by mistake just two months before he set out on his campaign of terror, between April 21 and May 5, this year.

McCann should have been recalled to prison indefinitely after he committed a burglary while on licence for an offence he committed in 2008, after threatening to stab a pensioner as he raided his home.

Instead, he was handed a new fixed prison sentence and released automatically halfway through, without Parole Board involvement, in February 2019.

The rapist has refused to engage in his trial throughout the process and continued in the same manner for his sentencing today.

In his absence, Mr Justice Edis said there should be an independent investigation into how the system ‘failed to protect’ McCann’s victims from him.

He said: ‘This was a campaign of rape, violence and abduction of a kind which I have never seen or heard of before.’ ‘Joseph McCann you are very dangerous indeed to people who are weaker then you are,’ he added.

‘Among other things you are a coward and violent bully and a paedophile.

Your grip on reality is quite tenuous, your instructions to lawyers were utterly ridiculous. You are entirely obsessed with yourself.

‘In your world other people exist only for your pleasure and you have no ability to see the world in anybody’s eyes other than your own. You are a classic psychopath.’

In a victim impact statement, one of McCann’s victims told how her life had changed from being ‘thriving’ to ‘surviving’.

Paying tribute to his victims, the judge said: ‘Each of these stories is tragic. I hope each will find a way to live through their ordeal and future happiness.’

The court heard he had a string of convictions in the North West and South East of England, having received his first term behind bars at the age of 15.

While he had no convictions for sexual offences he did have a ‘history of violence and threats towards partners of his’, prosecutor John Price QC said. (Metro UK)

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