Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  Chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has called for the suspension of visa on arrival policy for African countries recently pronounced by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Making the call for the suspension of the policy in  Abuja on Saturday, the PDP Chieftain argued that Nigeria which is already over populated in view of the GDP/population ratio  does not need immigrants to  increase its population.

He wondered that despite the avalanche of socio-economic problems in Nigeria including  unemployment, President Buhari decided to make Nigeria a free- for -all destination. He described the decisions disturbing.

Onuesoke who queried the rationale  for the decision considering the myriad of problems confronting the nation, argued that the policy will bring additional burden on the nation.

The PDP Chieftain maintained that while Nigeria desperately needs to reduce her population, our  president is inviting foreign riff-raff and criminals to come over into the country without any visa or any checking, stressing that  it is rich countries with small population that can implement visa on arrival policy for the purpose of attracting  immigrants.

Onuesoke stated that going by the recent policies of President Buhari especially that of shutting the borders to protect Nigerian interests one was dumbfounded that he could even suggest the idea of throwing Nigeria’s border open to African immigrants.

Calling on National Assembly (NASS) to suspend the policy, Onuesoke said “ Can the Presidency tell us just one thing Nigeria will  consider beneficial from opening its  doors to strangers majority of whom are going to be refugees that will contribute only additional problems to the job market?”

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He argued that opening our borders to foreigners will create an easy access for more terrorists to come in  and destroy the country, adding that  there are millions of things to be done to make the country better.



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