Sign peace accord

Representatives of Abisogun family leading others at a press briefing.

By Olasunkanmi Akoni

Following looming crisis over the succession bid for the Oniru of Iru Chieftaincy, one of the ruling houses, Abisogun, has called for the immediate intervention of Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu to prevent possible breakdown of law and order in Iru kingdom and environs of the state.

Meanwhile, to prevent any ugly situation to the runup to the nominations of candidate and eventual ascension of throne, two contending candidates of the ruling houses, Ajasa and Oniru, two days ago, signed a “Peace Accord,” at the Police Headquarters in Lagos to ensure that peace reigns in Iru Kingdom and to avoid break down of law and order.

Briefing the media on the issue, Prince Kashinmawo Shobajo of Omishade Branch of Abisogun Ruling House, said the crisis had set in due to misinformation concerning succession since the demise of late Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru who passed on in September 2019.

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According to Shobajo, “There are only three recognised Ruling Houses entitled to the Oniru Royal House.

“The ruling houses include Abisogun, Akiogun and Ogunyemi Ruling House as stated in the Declaration Made under the Customary Law Regulation Selection to the Oniru Chieftaincy of Lagos of 14th September 1993, approved by the then Executive Governor of Lagos State, Sir Michael Agbolade Otedola.

“The Declaration clearly states the number of Ruling Houses, the approved rotation and the procedure to be followed in the nomination of the candidates by the Local Government Authority.

“I should also mention that since 1589, 14 different monarchs have ascended the stool as Oba of Oniru.

“But what many did not know is the fact that the 13th Oba of Oniru, Oba Yesufu Abiodun who reigned from 1934 to 1984 was from the Akiogun Ruling House and upon his demise, it was the turn of the Ogunyemi Ruling House to ascend to the throne of Oba of Oniru.

“However, the Ogunyemi Ruling House who was next in line to produce the candidate to the stool of Oba of Oniru declined and conceded their right to the Akiogun family thereby paving the way for the immediate past Oniru, HRH Oba Idowu Oniru, who was the 14th Oba of Oniru Kingdom.

“Going by the existing structured rotation, the Abisogun Ruling House is the next in line to nominate and select a candidate to ascend the throne as the 15th Oba of Iru Land.

“It would have been a different ball game entirely if the Abisoguns accept that the Akiogun family continues with the reign.

“We understand that not many are familiar with this history and that some Ruling Houses are all out to misrepresent facts for personal interest. But the public interest is bigger than that, and our traditional institution is no respecter of persons.

“The four branches that make up the Abisogun Ruling Family namely, Omowunmi, Omishade, Oresanya, and Ewumi branches have jointly presented Mr Hakeem Oriyomi Ajasa of the Ewumi branch of the Abisogun Ruling House as the candidate to fill the vacant stool of the Oba Oniru of Iru land.

“To uphold peace and harmony, Mr Hakeem Oriyomi Ajasa and Aremo Adesegun Oniru, two days ago, signed the Peace Accord.

“Therefore, we are appealing to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for his immediate intervention and give us the right and popular candidate who is Hakeem Ajasa. Iru is known to be a peaceful kingdom,” he stated.

Shobajo, also urged residents and members of the public in general, irrespective of their Ruling House, to remain calm and be law-abiding, “we must also warn our youths to never take laws into their hands.

“We are confident that the state authority will not be biased in their judgement. Knowing
fully well that the law is greater than any individual.

“Once again, as indigenes of the Iru land await who will ascend the highly revered throne, we urge everyone to go about their businesses in peace.”



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