US indictment on Onyema mere conspiracy by business rivals — CSO
Allen Onyema

By Lawani Mikairu

The Joint Revolutionary Council has disassociates itself from the recent  statement from MEND that it is in support of the recent US indictment of the chairman of Air Peace, Chief Allen Onyema.

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A statement from the Council and signed by the chairman, Mr MuhammedGbafade, yesterday said : ” We are in the times and generation when most Nigerians of the Niger Delta stock have resolved to liberate the region from the shackles of dominance by political, social and economic bandits who have taken our wealth for themselves.

“Recent happenings within and outside the country indicates that such characters who played a key role in destabilizing Government efforts are at it again. One wonders how MEND, Movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta under the fictitious heirachy of a non existing Jomo Gbomo falsely parading himself and making comments on the indictment of a US justice department. Issuing a lackluster press release on a national daily”.

“First of all, the online publication of the SUN newspaper, dated November 27, 2019 is at conflict with its content. It states inter alia: “Air Peace and Barr. Onyema Assets have become legitimate targets for attacks”… This kind of media campaign is archaic and akin to an infantile mechevillian thought pattern aimed at wiping up sentiments to give an impression that some authorities within are in connivance with agencies to surreptitiously seek the downfall of Barr. Allen Onyema and a possible demise of his business that has brought succor to travelers and provided economic benefits for the country and individuals”.

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“At this point it is imperative to dispelled some of the lies put in public domain by the the nonexistent, hater of Nigeria who with his cohorts are masquerading as true bastions of the Niger Delta struggle”.

” As earlier stated, Jomo Gbomo and the so-called leadership of MEND is a mere charade to hoodwink Nigerians, its vituperations are all unfounded and should be disregarded”.

“The alleged padded amnesty list does not hold ground as it is on record how several militants protested non inclusion after near conclusion of the final list. So where did they get the information of padded list,  from their sponsors, perhaps. The enormity and size of the various militant camps was overwhelming, some of them were in excess of 2000-5000 in various camps. The federal Government in its wisdom made sure all were captured to forestall any further protests”.

“Whatever political differences that existed between former President Jonathan and the faceless Jomo Gbomo with his sponsors is inconsequential and cannot discredit the noble efforts of President Mohammadu Buhari at sustaining the peace in the region and the entire country”.

” The amnesty program for ex militants was holistic not only for the commanders and certainly not for the terrorist contractor Jomo Gbomo and his ilk.

“The 30000 Amnesty figure was absolutely correct and holistic. Though, there were still pockets of protests here and there, which gives credence to the high number of militants.

The so called authentic freedom fighters been short changed is a pretext to enter the minds of people. They’re indeed “terrorist contractor militants” bombing innocent citizens of Nigeria to get their way. The possible plan is to apply another terrorist method to stampede the Mohammadu Buhari’s Government through a press release such as the one on November 27 sun newspaper publication.

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“They appear to support the indictment of Airpeace and its Chairman/CEO, Barr. Allen Onyema, thinking the federal Government is behind his travails.

“In conclusion, if your strategy is bombing Nigerians and targeting infrastructure, then you’re a terrorist NOT a freedom fighter. MEND  is a genuine freedom seeking organization with reputable Niger Delta citizens who love their country Nigeria”, the statement added.



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