December 29, 2019

‘It’s high time we go back to our cultural heritage’

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A set of Nigerian drums

Mr Isioma Williams, a dance and drum instructor on Saturday advocated the inclusion of drumming in school curriculum to further promote indigenous music in the country.

Williams made the suggestion in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

He said that indigenous music instruments should be given more attention at the grassroots.

“It’s high time that we go back to our cultural heritage and value our music instruments, particularly drumming because modern music instruments are taking over our cultural ones.

“We can still revive the situation but with the significant input of the government by introducing local drumming in schools and making the instruments available for students and instructors.

“People are usually inspired to dance to beating of drums on any occasion and it is a cultural thing that we should revive and promote the instruments,” he said.

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Williams added that there was poor attention to the usage of Nigeria’s musical instrument to produce indigenous music.

He said: “The Western world has capitalised on our weakness and neglect of our cultural instruments to promote theirs.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Drumview Concept said that it would be appropriate to set up a body that would organise an annual festival where up and coming ones could display their skills in drumming.

According to him, the event will go a long way to bring together diverse cultural drum exhibition, thereby bringing the value of local music instruments to the knowledge of the youth.

“There should be a drum festival that will set an agenda for our youths either annually or biennial. It will really bring back the extinction of this foreign musical instruments,” Williams said.

Drum is a musical instrument made from animal skin, stretched over the end of a hollow tube, played by hitting with the hand or stick and is the most important musical instruments in Nigeria.


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