December 8, 2019

I hate disrespectful men, with loose mouth – Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson

Up and doing, beautiful Yoruba actress, Peju Johnson, is a very desirable woman most men would love to get on the ground floor with but she’s not just an item on the menu because she knows exactly how her meal is to be served when it comes to men.

In a recent chat with Potpourri, Peju gives a picture of the type of man that can rock her world.

“I love a calm gentleman with a nice and good smell. I also love men that dress well in a good manner of approach and respect for women. I can’t stand a disrespectful man with a loose mouth that has no regards for women. It’s a major turnoff for me,” she said.

The actress, who is yet to produce her own film but has featured in so many others’ believes sex is something that should be practised among married couples only and not singles as it is widely seen. She said it is a sin for unmarried couples to engage in sexual intercourse.

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“There are many sinners out there though,” she chuckled

Peju started acting back in her secondary school days but didn’t pick it up professionally until she found herself in Egypt where she joined TAMPAN. But her career took flight last year when she returned to Nigeria and has since featured in many films

Some of the films she has featured include Widow, Lekki Guys, Vow, Farayola, Aremudada, Igbekele, Iya Karamo, Scar, Kogbagidi, Eto Mi, Ayetimowa, Single Mother, Abiyamo and many more.