December 5, 2019

Gospel singer, Rozey wants to wrap up 2019 with a major bang

Gospel singer, Rozey wants to wrap up 2019 with a major bang

By Precious Nwokocha

What happens when an artist debut album goes viral? Or however, how does it shape the course of their career? If they’re not fated to be a one-hit wonder—a term quickly losing its meaning in the age of sundry streaming services—then does this type of bold introduction forever influence the way listeners consume their music?

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There aren’t any easy answers to these questions, but it’s worth looking at the proliferate career of Spiritual Beatz Entertainment artist Rozey to see what those perhaps complicated answers might possibly be. She achieved viral success with “Enthroned,” that album you’ve probably heard some of the singles in Christ Embassy Churches, music concerts and on that Radio or TV stations.

When recently asked if she could go back and change anything about her journey into the public eye, she had a clear answer: she wouldn’t.

“I wouldn’t really change anything, I’d just speed some things up,” she said. According to Rozey, everything is as it was meant to be. This is not the first time Rozey will be working fully in the studio, although she explained it is her first studio album and it was a full learning experience and she enjoyed every minute of it.

On the singer’s latest album, she maintained her trademark sound, she sounded bigger as usual and more varied than much of her previous outputs, she also made it clear that the writing process was different and explained that she has grown as a person—in her personal life / relationship with God. Enthroned had a lot of impact in the life of Rozey, the energy she gets in her live performances, on social media is one the singer is grateful for.

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“Yes of course, every new song is an increase in experience, and development,” she answered when asked if she feels differently about this new album than her previous bodies of work.

“The album is special because I showed an eclectic range of genres on it,” she concludes.

It is a proven fact that Rozey’s new album has shaped the course of her career. When asked if there was anytime she had the thought of taking down some of her previous works online, she replied “I’m still Rozey, I have not changed who I am, I’ve just developed, grown and still honing my gift, gone further than where I began but still know I have further to go. No, I don’t want to take my earlier work down, instead I’ll add to them as I go along.”

When asked again how Christ Embassy, her church and record label, Spiritual Beatz Entertainment have helped her grow, she said, The Love World has given her amazing opportunities to minister in different countries, states and ministry programs, these, have not only broadened her reach but has helped her developed not just as an artist but most importantly the Spiritual aspect, which is where she’s built from.

“The Spiritual Beatz team has been a major instrument in assisting me create my own sound and style”, she said.

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Rozey is making some major moves, the singer will be releasing a single in the coming weeks, although there’s no official release date yet but we are told is the singer’s final release for 2019.