December 16, 2019

F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone’s home burglarized, robbed of jewelry worth $66M

Tamara Ecclestone, Jewelry, F1

Tamara Ecclestone, Jewelry

The heiress of former Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone was targeted in a multi-million dollar jewelry heist at her palatial London home, according to a report.

Tamara Ecclestone, 35, allegedly had her entire jewelry collection — around $66 million dollars worth of gems — swiped from her ransacked home near Kensington Palace Friday night hours after she left the country for the Christmas holiday, The Sun reported.

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A trio of burglars are believed to have broken into her home on London’s “Billionaire Row” section, evading the 24-hour security teams that patrol the tony neighborhood, as well as Ecclestone’s own surveillance operations, the report said.

Investigators suspect that threesome broke in through the garden then made a beeline for the safes hidden in her bedroom before they encountered a security guard and fled.

They reportedly made off with precious rings, earrings and a $106,000 Cartier bangle, which was gifted as a wedding present.

Bernie Ecclestone said he believes the jewelry raid was an inside job.

“I don’t have all the facts but given all the security at the house, I’m assuming it was an inside job,” the mogul told The Sun.

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He added that her daughter and her family who headed to Lapland, Finland, on a private jet were safe following the ordeal.

“Tamara is fine, she’s not happy but thank god no one was in the house,” he said. “No one was at home apart from security.”

Source: New York Post

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