December 13, 2019

Ani Amatosero comes to the rescue

Ani Amatosero comes to the rescue

By Benjamin Njoku

Nollywood sweetheart, Ani Amatosero has started laying plans ahead of 2020, with her latest project. The actress, who has shot over ten movies in recent times said her dream is to take Nollywood to the heights it truly deserves in 2020.

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She recently established a fully equipped studio with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Effixzzy Villa, to enable her contribute her quota towards the development of the industry that has helped to put Nigeria on the world map of film producing nations.

Amatosero said her decision to set up the studio is to provide a place, where producers can conveniently shoot their films without necessarily going to disturb people in the comfort of their houses. “Henceforth, movie makers don’t have to visit and disturb people in their various houses to shoot their movies anymore. You don’t need to go to the hospital to disturb the sick people all in the name of shooting a movie because I have made it easy for producers in Asaba.”

“We also have a fast food restaurant inside the Villa. I want investors that will invest in this business. As a matter of fact, I call on Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to support this project.”

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“My studio is located in a serene environment devoid of noise and other distractions. It is fully equipped and has a calm ambiance suitable for film production. A movie that was budgeted for two weeks can be shot in 10 days or less because a lot of time has been saved. The time you use in moving from a police station set to a hospital set will be well spent on same place. And also, if you want to shoot you movie in a private home, when the kids are on holidays, you will definitely be distracted hence Effixzzy Villa is the ideal place to shoot.”