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December 21, 2019

11-yr-old girl raped, infected with sexually transmitted disease

Reveals how truck driver defiled her, other girls
He raped my daughter because he couldn’t have me- victim’s mother
I did not rape them— suspect

By Evelyn Usman

He usually sent me on errand. On arrival, he would throw me on his bed and lie on me. Thereafter, he would tell me to leave”.
These were the exact words of an 11-year-old girl (names withheld) who was allegedly defiled by a 42-year-old truck driver, Ismaila Jimoh, at Folk Awewo street in Ejigbo area of Lagos.

Her confession was made during an interrogation to ascertain how she contacted a sexually transmitted disease.
Her mother was said to have perceived an unusual foul odour emanating from the discharge from her vagina. Upon interrogation, she revealed how the suspect who has two wives, slept with her in his one-room apartment.

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She further alleged that the suspect also defiled a girl within same age bracket with same day and time. The matter was reported at the Ejigbo Police division, consequent upon which the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Olabisi Okuwobi, ordered his arrest.

Although the suspect denied the allegation but the victims insisted he violated them. During the argument, the name of another girl who is also 11 years old was mentioned as victim too.

Asked why the girls did not disclose the deed to their parents, they said they were scared, adding that thy were under strict instruction not to reveal it to anyone.

One of the women burst into tears and held the suspect by the shirt accusing him of defiling her daughter because he could not get through to her.

She said, “he has been wooing me and I told him I was not interested. Instead of him to satisfy his sexual urge on his wives, he decided to take on my daughter. God will judge you”.

But when confronted, the suspect denied wooing the woman. Rather he accused her of giving him the green light.

According to Jimoh, a father of five, “this is a set up. The main girl said I slept with her in December 2018. They came to me to say they saw discharge on her two days ago. How is it possible for the semen to be on her since last year? Why would I even sleep with her in the first place.

The other girls are also lying. Yes, I used to send them on errands but I have never molested any of them sexually. I have my own children and two wives. I bought things for them anytime I returned from any trip. When one of the parents confronted me, I was advised not to say anything but just watch them. You just see for yourself, how can my big manhood penetrate these girls?

“The woman who said that I wooed her is also telling lies. She usually begged me to give her money and I have been giving her. At times she would send her daughter to come for the money and I would give her my ATM card to go and make some withdrawals. She stopped coming herself after my wife warned her to stop disturbing me. I don’t have anything to do with her.

“Two days ago, she even told me she needed money to stock her shop. They are only trying to rope me. I was not told what my offence was until I was brought to the police station”.

Asked why he usually sent the girls on errand when he had his own children, he replied, “My children usually stayed with their mother in her shop when they come back from school”.
Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Elkana Bala, said investigation was still ongoing.