November 12, 2019

Why the LucreziaBySujimoto is the best luxury apartment in Banana Island, environ


Sijibomi Ogundele

Sijibomi Ogundele, CEO Sujimoto Construction Limited

By Emmanuel Okogba

For the first time in Nigeria, and probably in Africa, Sujimoto is building a Penthouse with a Private Golf Garden, Private Elevator, Private Pool on the 12th floor and Private Gym.

As Nigeria’s foremost luxury real estate company, Sujimoto Construction limited through the Lucrezia brand has researched all the best penthouses in Africa, and decided to build the future – the best penthouse in Africa. Located in Africans richest neighbourhood – Banana Island, the building which will come wrapped in a rare façade system known as Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) will be the first-of-its-kind in Nigeria, according to Sijibomi Ogundele, managing director, Sujimoto Construction Limited.

Ogundele noted that it was not bragging when he promised that no other penthouse will beat the Lucrezia’s penthouse when it comes to quality, price and luxury, saying that The LucreziaBySujimoto comes with concierge services, a swimming pool, world-class gym, rooftop lounge, crèche for kids, Interactive lobby, full home automation, 24-hour stable power supply, private cinema for residents and their guests, facility management services and top-notch security.

The LucreziaBySujimoto which is currently in the piling stage at about 80% completion is a record-breaking structure which sits on approximately 94 piles with each at 900 diameters, going 45mm deep taller than Ocean Parade, costing Sujimoto hundreds of millions of naira to develop.

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Ogundele explained that the current structural stage is the most important of all and the structural integrity of the project is something the company is putting 110% priority on. He said “we will not only do the pilling but we shall make sure all piles go through an SIT (Structural Integrity Test). Structural Integrity is what will make us sleep at night because for the next 1,000yrs, you are guaranteed that the Lucrezia shall still remain standing”.

Each unit will be allotted four parking spaces, so residents will have ample parking and guaranteed security for their treasured vehicles. The LucreziaBySujimoto apartment comes with two maid rooms to enable clients avoid unnecessary problems with house helps and maids.

As for interested investors, Ogundele hinted that coming onboard early will give serious investors a strong pricing competitive advantage; on which they will be saving about 40% above market value. In his words “I am sure you are aware that the media space is filled with thousands of empty apartments in Ikoyi and Banana Island, but we are sold out for two reasons; first, we realized that many developers put immediate gratification above value creation so we made it a philosophy to put QUALITY at the foundation of who we are, so clients could see great quality, not only on finishing but the way we go the extra mile in delivering luxury. Second is Value: It is essential for us to have a great pricing point; we put customer satisfaction first and give early investors a strong competitive pricing point. Today those who bought for 320 million naira are refusing to sell at 450 million naira, after less than 18 months”.

Promising serious rewards for referral agents who may be willing to engage, Ogundele assured that as a company, Sujimoto will keep to its promise of rewarding agents who refer buyers. “We gave out over 120 million naira in commission to people who referred customers to us in our just concluded and SOLD-OUT Giuliano project. When you refer a client to buy the LucreziaBySujimoto, you are guaranteed up to 20 million naira in commission and if you are lucky, we can even fly you to your favorite destination, Dubai, or a holiday to any country of your choice. All our referral agents can testify to the joy Sujimoto deposited in their bank account after each deal was closed” said Ogundele.

Highlighting the pace at which investors have shown interest, Ogundele noted that only one unit is left of Lucrezia from the first batch of 6 units recently released, stating “immediately we sell this off, we shall close sales and start selling again when the building stands and this should be around April 2020, and of course, the prices should have gone up 30%”.

The Sujimoto boss explained that the word ‘Sujimoto’ actually means ‘Excellence’ in Japanese; and this is what the brand exhumes. In this regard, he noted that for the first 5 years, if any of the fittings or amenities in any of the apartment becomes faulty, Sujimoto will not repair them but replace, saying that the company is very confident about the materials and fittings that are used.

“No other real estate company in Nigeria currently does this. It is in our DNA to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients. Added to this, The Lucrezia comes with a payment plan and very flexible payment structure that allows investor spread their payment for the next 18 months and this is also attached to milestones” says Ogundele.

For individuals wanting to build their own homes, Sujimoto can help build their dream homes since the company has realized that not everyone wants a bespoke condominium as some people have their land and want to build to taste. “In that regard, what Sujimoto does is help design, receive approval and build it better, faster and cheaper, with high-quality fittings and finishing than anyone else. From Private Villas to Office Spaces, to renovations, anything that has to do with construction”, Ogundele assures. Noting further, “we will help you craft your dream home, exceeding all expectations. Our quality is unrivalled, our price is unmatched and our turnaround time is astounding. Just DREAM it and SUJIMOTO will build it”

On what makes Sujimoto unique and different in the luxury real estate market, Ogundele cited few examples which includes recently sold-out project, the GiulianoBySujimoto in Banana Island, which initially sold at 320 million naira as off-plan, and is now worth about 600 million naira. He said early investors made over 90% Returns on their Investment with a guaranteed rental value of about 30 million naira per annum noting that another opportunity is here and the Lucrezia’s ROI will even be massive considering the features, facilities and amenities that the company is bringing into it.

Sujimoto is the brain behind the award-winning MediciBySujimoto terraces in Milverton, Ikoyi. The Medici won the prestigious International Property Award 2017/2018 for the Best Residential Development in Nigeria. Also, Sujimoto is the developer behind the world acclaimed GiulianoBySujimoto Property in the most exclusive and expensive square meter in Nigeria, Banana Island. A game-changer development that is redefining the way people live, with every square meter, from foundation to finishing, reflecting opulence, comfort, and elegance.

From exclusive Porcelanosa by Zaha Hadid Sanitary Wares, which won the best bathroom collection at the World Built Awards 2018, to full home automation and private elevators in each unit, the GiulianoBySujimoto supersedes every investment in terms of ROI. Sujimoto Construction is also the brain behind Lorenzo, the smartest, most luxurious high-rise building in Africa’s history. Even though this project is currently on hold, it is set to take the world by storm very soon. Sujimoto also does numerous private projects for its clients in Banana Island, Ajah, Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

From 2020, there are three major projects in the pipeline, and these include, first The Leonardo, which will be another tallest residential building on Banana Island. The second is a luxury hotel brand called The S – an African-inspired luxury hotel that borrows from the unique design and experience offered by the Four Seasons franchise. And the Sujimoto Center, a 6-in-1 commercial space, first of its kind in Nigeria and in Ikoyi, which shall have a boutique mini-mall, a 4,000 sitting event center, detachable to 1,000 or 500 as may be seen fit, approximately 20,000 m2 of office spaces, 60 suites of hotel rooms, international standard gym, rooftop pool and lounge. With about 1,000 car parks, The Sujimoto place will be the best amongst others.