November 18, 2019

Sun King Lamps introduced to improve educational standard, Easybuy boss

Sun King Lamps introduced to improve educational standard, Easybuy boss

The introduction of Sun King lamps from the stable of Greenlight Planet’s solar powered  lighting system  has helped improve the lighting  situations in schools to improve educational standard.

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The Country Business Leader, Easybuy Direct Nigeria, Tuga Omoyemi said installation of the product to Socrates College, Graceville International schools in Ilorin, Kwara State, and its environ has improved lighting condition for studying.

He stated further that the solar lamps are simple to install, charge, and use. Solar home systems and other solar-powered appliances can be the first step in helping children study in a comfortable, safe environment without fearing power outages or accidents caused by fuel-based sources of light during their study time.

“Access to electricity supports stronger academic performance and ultimately leads to greater retention, minimizing early dropouts.

The future of a country lies in the minds of its children. Solar lamps might just be the tools needed to nurture and support the dreams of the millions of rural children who deserve better,” he said.

The installation were done to reduce the seemingly intractable power supply problem in the schools, which he noted is common in other parts of Africa, especially in Nigeria where several homes, small businesses and local clinics are without electricity connection.

According to him, data from the International Association for Energy Economics says, this is an extremely common scenario in sub-Saharan Africa, where approximately nine out of ten children go to primary schools without electricity.

This he stated was further buttressed by World Bank, that of the nearly 1.5billion people estimated to lack electricity supply over the world, half are in Africa. Nigeria alone is estimated to have over 90 million people living without electricity supply.

Of this number, Socrates College, a boarding school, Graceville and others are some  of the schools that lacked reliable electricity supply but benefitted from the Sun King lamps supply.

The schools, Socrates College for example, built in 2001, with 980 pupils have invested in quality infrastructure and committed its teaching staff to ensure students received the best educational experience possible.

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But they have a challenge. When night falls, activities are brought to a halt, they faced a problem that is unfortunately too common in rural Nigeria– they lacked reliable access to electricity, this compelled them to purchase Sun King solar lamps and install them within the school premises.

Learning in darkness

As a result of the erratic nature of power supply, the school depended largely on daylight and were unable to use technology to enhance their learning experience.

As a result of this, they were also forced to spend huge amount on inefficient, sometimes hazardous sources of energy.

According to Proprietor of the school, AdetunjiAbdurahman, “To make sure children could perform basic activities such as reading, walking round and eating dinner at night, we had to spend a lot of money on fuel. We used to buy N500 worth of fuel every day, which meant an additional monthly expenditure of N150,000”.

In 2017, Adetunji was introduced to solar-powered lighting products, and was immediately convinced about its benefits.

“It just made economic sense to switch to Sun King products instead of repeatedly spending on fuel”, he stated.

Improved performance

Adetunji noted a marked improvement in the quality of life the school can afford for their students and staff, since installing Sun King solar home systems in the school.

He said, “Constant electricity supply allows students to do so much more. We were overjoyed to see that in the term after we installed these lamps, the pass rate of the students improved to 90 percent from 75 percent.”

“Students no longer have constraints on when they can study since light is always available and it has led to a significant improvement in grades”, he enthused.

Beyond the students, the matrons, cooks, and cleaners have largely benefited from the addition of solar-power lighting as well.

He said, “Matrons use the durable Sun King solar lamps while caring for sick students in the school’s clinic, and the school’s cooks love the portable lamps because they can see what they are cooking late into the evening solar-powered lighting as well.”

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Adetunji added, “We now spend significantly less on electricity but enjoy more of its benefits. I’m looking forward to purchasing the Sun King television next, so students have more edutainment options.”