November 8, 2019

Stay off Ocean Marine’s operations, group warns blackmailers, others

Niger Delta youths



Niger Delta Security and Economic Watch has warned those it described as hustlers and blackmailers, whose stock in trade is to employ various means, including usage of faceless groups with sole intent to blackmail the top management of the various contractors, particularly the management of Ocean Marine Services Ltd in order to attract patronage that will never exist.

In a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Preye Frank Ebibo; Director of Administration, Eseoghene Tobore; Public Relations Officer and Ejegi Tosan Arubi, the group said: ‘’We are aware of the rigorous processes embarked upon by management of Ocean Marine Services Ltd not to short-change any community, which is aimed towards ensuring harmonious relationship and smooth operations. Consequently, every community hosting oil and gas pipeline and interest groups have been captured and not left out. As such, for any community, group or individual to claim that they are being sideline or short-change is being mischievous with the reality on ground.

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‘’For clarity purpose, let it be clearly stated that if your community is not on the right of ways of these surveillance contracts, you have no business with these jobs. For those that are fortunate to have their communities on the right of ways of these jobs, they may not need to be told that the contractors can only deal with such communities through their elected/executives and leadership of their respective communities. And since no one exist without a community or leadership structures in their communities, anyone with legitimate complains whose community falls within the right of ways of these  surveillance jobs are advise to channel all their complains through their respective community leadership accordingly.’’

”Like every other international oil companies and indigenous servicing companies operating in the Niger Delta, OMLS, these companies can only deal with their various host communities through their respective leadership structures. And since there is no specific reported case of complain from the accredited leaders of the various host communities in this regards, it is only appropriate to conclude that the relationship between Ocean Marine Services Limited and their host communities are cordial and very harmonious,” which has translated into significant increases in the volume of barrels per day recorded since Ocean Marine Services Ltd. took the surveillance contract of major surveillance jobs in the Niger Delta.”