November 20, 2019

Lyon’s victory in Bayelsa indicates God’s love ― Ex-Militant

David Lyon: The governor that never was
Bayelsa governor-elect, David Lyon

By Dapo Akinrefon

A former militant leader in the Niger Delta, Reuben Wilson, has said that the victory of the Bayelsa State governor-elect, Mr David Lyon of the All Progressives Congress, APC, over his opponent of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is a proof that God loves the people of the State.

Wilson said in an interview that the state governor, Seriake Dickson ruled the state like a despot, showing disrespect to elders, including the former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, hence the defeat of his candidate, Senator Douye Diri.

While advising Dickson and the PDP not to contemplate challenging Lyon’s victory in court, Wilson said he had to summon Dickson at a church altar, after the governor allegedly deceived and denied him the PDP ticket for the chairmanship of the Southern Ijaw Local Government. According to him, God will disgrace Dickson again if he decided to go to court.

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Hear him: “As I’m here, whenever I think of what I went through while in PDP, God, if you are calling that name PDP where I am, it’s like you are burning me. That’s a name that I don’t even dream or even think of hearing again, even in 100 years to come because you know, Dickson invited me, promised me that I will be the next chairman of Southern Ijaw.

“He said all sorts of things and I spent money, working for Dickson. There are things that I cannot mention that happened between me, Dickson and men of God; how I put all my efforts to make sure that Dickson was returned as governor in 2015. But all the promises he made, after everything, Dickson turned everything down as if he had never mentioned such things to me. What kind of governor is that?

“A governor that is supposed to be transparent, a governor that is supposed to be a truthful leader. This is a governor that the only truth that comes out of him is a good morning. But whatever else the governor will say to you are just fabricated stories, stories that will never stand, stories that you can never count on, that is the kind of person we have as governor. So,

“I’m happy, in fact, I will not stop thanking God for God wiping out our tears. I will not stop thanking God for removing a man who people cannot hold for his words. Let me tell you something, a governor who sees himself as God before people, a governor who does not have respect for a former president who is from that state, a governor who doesn’t have respect for elders, the end is a disgrace and that is what governor Dickson is facing today.

“This is an everlasting embarrassment. He was thinking he will go to the Senate, his mission and plans of getting to the Senate (laughs) just ended a few days ago (laughs). Oh yes, and I’m happy that the God I’m serving, my God in Omega Power Ministry, my God that dwelleth in the body of Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, that gave Dickson the key to Government House and that same Dickson deceived me after he made me spend so much money, deceived me and gave ticket to someone else, that same God turned his back on Dickson today.”

The former militant leader who was the coordinator of the Lyon campaign organisation in Southern Ijaw also stated why the governor could not succeed in his quest to enthrone his successor.

“He said God was angry with Dickson because he told lies using the name of God, when he called for a fast, for the emergence of a gubernatorial candidate for the PDP. He called for three days fasting, that people should pray, God will reveal candidate to him. Who passed the message to people that God said this and God said that? Who was the prophet that God used to prophesy or to reveal the candidate and mention his name, Douye Diri? Who is the person? Who is the pastor?

“Dickson turned himself to God, he is the pastor, he is the general overseer of his mission, of his restoration government. He called all his cabinet members to go into fasting, people went, those that believed in him, all of them were in the fasting; they prayed and he said God has shown him, three candidates, the three candidates are the SSG, chief of staff, who is Talford Ongolo, and also Douye Diri.

“Now, let me tell you something: the three persons, one from Southern Ijaw, one from Yenagoa, one from Kolokuma/Opokuma, that’s the central senatorial district and this same Dickson told me some time ago that he needed a candidate from Southern Ijaw, that God had shown him that it’s Southern Ijaw person that will be governor of the state, after him, that the person will construct the road to all the areas we need in Southern Ijaw. That’s what this man told me one on one.

“I wonder why the God he said that revealed to him that governor will come from Southern Ijaw, is that same God he said according to him, that also directed for Douye Diri to be the governor of Bayelsa State. Let me tell you something, if it was God that directed or if it was God that revealed, Douye Diri would have been the winner of this just concluded election but it was because Dickson that fabricated the story, changed the mind of the people, turned people’s head upside down, to deceive Bayelsans that God revealed Douye Diri. Which God?

“Let me tell you, the curse will be on those that lied with the name of God, God will never forgive those that are lying with the name of God, God has not shown you something and you say God has shown you something, that this person will be the governor. Why can’t he win if really God revealed? Because the word of God can never come back to him void. God can never reveal his word to people and at that same time, turn round again to do a different thing.

“When once God says yes, then yes of God stands. When he says no, the no of God stands. But for all those fasting of three days, they were just something that Governor Dickson planned to deceive people that was God. That was even the main reason why God disgraced him. Now, it’s time people should ask Dickson, what happened for the three days fasting you invited your restoration cabinet to go into? Why this, if really it was God that revealed Douye Diri for you to be governor of Bayelsa State?”