By Ifeanyi Okolie

A syndicate which specialized in removing babies from their mothers’ wombs before maturity in order to sell them to would-be buyers have been arrested by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, Agbor area of Delta State.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that one Dr Samuel Adagbo, who claimed to be the Medical Director of Ndu Hospital in Delta is said to be using the hospital to engage in human trafficking and illegal orphanage, otherwise known as a baby factory

Police sources disclosed that the IRT operatives received information that Adagbo has a criminal syndicate within and outside Agbor, where young women get impregnate, after which they get paid when they deliver their babies which would be sold to people they don’t know

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They further gathered that Samuel Adagbo, takes good care of the women during their pregnancy and when they put to bed, he would pay them the sum of N200,000 and take the babies, to an unknown destination.

It was gathered that when operatives IRT got information about his activities and stormed his hospital, they saw a pregnant woman, awaiting for delivery and have her baby sold to a waiting buyer. They also found two dead bodies lying in the morgue of the said hospital.

The operatives also uncovered during its investigations that the syndicate harvest babies at six months from their mother’s womb and put them in incubators and then sells them when they are nine months old to their would-be buyer. They said mothers of these children adopted these process because they don’t want people to know that they were pregnant.

It was gathered that seven members of the syndicate identified as Faith Yusuf, Friday Ude, Joy Monday, Sunday Chinedu, Sunday Adegbo, Isioma Uko, Isioma Uko were all arrested after the operatives raided the illegal hospital and mortuary.

During their interrogations, one of the suspects identified simply as Friday said confessions Friday said; “About 15 years ago, things were very tough for me and my wife was pregnant. When she went into labour, I took her to the general hospital Agbor and she put to bed a baby girl. My wife gave birth and I told my wife that the baby died, so I took the baby to baba. Immediately we were discharged, I took the baby to Samuel Adegbor and sold her for N30, 000 and I left. I didn’t know that selling my child was a crime. In 2018, one madam Vivian came to my shop to ask how she could get a baby, either boy or girl. I took her to Samuel, who later sold a baby to Madam Vivian. I don’t know how the baby was sold and nothing was given to me.”

Isioma Uko said: “Police arrested me for selling a child. I went to doctor Okuwomat with one of my friends. We went there to adopt a baby. We bought the baby for N600, 000. I bought two, one is N600, 000 and the other was N730,000. My friend took one and a nurse took the second one. But I was the one who took them there to buy it. My friend is here, one of them is here the nurse is at Agbor. I gave him all the money. Out of the N730, 000, I took N20, 000, while out of the N600, 000 they gave me N10, 000, making it a total of N30, 000 I gained from the business. After that, I had not done any other sale. I went into this business to help the woman, who was childless and needed a baby.”

How my six-month-old fetus was harvested

Joy Monday on her part narrated how her six-month-old fetus was harvested while she was pregnant and the sum of N50, 000 was paid to her; she said; “I was arrested because I sold a child, yes it’s true; I went to one woman called Vivian who lives in Agbor Obi in Delta State. One Favour whose other name was not known to me directed me to one Samuel Adagbo to go and abort or sell my baby then I went to Agbor Obi the nurse checked me and said that my pregnancy was 6 months, she said if the baby will survive she doesn’t know, she said she will pay me the sum of N50,000. I told her that the money is too small, she said that is what she can pay before she gave me an injection to quicken the labour to start and after the injection, the baby came out and it’s a baby boy. She paid me the money which we agreed to pay and I rested small before I go back to my house and the place I put to birth is one room with small foam, the woman told me that she runs an orphanage home in that place.

I left and never asked if the baby survived it or not. After one year my sister was having a partial stroke after much treatment, I took my sister to Mbiri village for treatment, that was where my sister met Mr Samuel Adagbo but for the assistance to be redeemed to us by Samuel Adagbo, he started dating my sister before they are finally married. Samuel Adagbo is the real father of my sister’s son. I started visiting Samuel Adagbo house since he married my sister but I haven’t stayed with them for so much time.

I know that it’s an offence to sell a child, but I was not doing it deliberately, I did it under a spell. I sold a child only once because I discovered that it was not good to engage my self in such a business and the money made from the business cannot be used for something good.

If the police can help me to recover the baby and he is in good health condition, I will collect it and take care of my baby as a mother. Now I realized that what I was doing wasn’t good and I have decided to beg for forgiveness from God and also pleaded with the Police to take justice with mercy

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