November 17, 2019

Ibrahim Kagara congratulates Gov Sani Bello over Appeal court’s triumph

Ibrahim Kagara

On behalf of the good people of Niger State, I wish to congratulate His Excellency, Governor Abubakar Sani on his victory at the Appeal Court.

This judicial victory again demonstrates that Your Excellency’s Restoration Agenda which has seen the restoration which has caused positive change across the state has fetched Your Excellency no small goodwill.

All across the state, we have seen changes like the ground-up restoration of the waterworks in Kontagora, Bida, Suleja and Chanchaga. Just as we have seen the construction/ renovation of over 900 Basic Schools across the state. The investment drive has been at an all-time high with investors chancing on the many opportunities in Niger state thereby raising the IGR of the state.

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The township roads in all major towns and the over 576km of rural roads that snake across the state demonstrates His Excellency’s forthrightness. The ongoing 274 primary health care units. The creation of the Teachers Development Training Institute. And many too numerous to mention.

All these have made Nigerlites see fit to find your worth of leadership into the future. This victory, no doubt is from God.

May Allah continue to provide Your Excellency with the strength and wisdom to continue to lead our beloved state into the light of progress and development.