November 16, 2019

Greatest storytellers, ‘The Monologue Empire’ hits Nigeria

Greatest storytellers, ‘The Monologue Empire’ hits Nigeria


Have you been searching for a way to keep yourself and thoughts away from boredom? Search no more!  check this out! listen to Halima as she narrates her story.

“It was a beautiful evening when we heard a gunshot and we thought it was the kids on the street playing or the hunter making a catch……

(She begins to weep on a low tone)

“Then I saw my father running towards me with all his strength…before he could reach out for me, there was a sound like an earthquake, and before I knew what was going on, he was lying lifeless on the ground!  The old man was shot in the head! (Halima begins to weep exhaustively)

She continues “My mother was at the backyard, I ran off immediately to meet her but… she was already dead, she was butchered with a knife, her left hand was cut off!

“I ran, faster than my legs could, jumping over dead bodies and into drops of blood flowing like a stream. They killed people, so many people…”

I’m sure you want to know how Halima’s story ended.

Everything in this world is a story. In that story, there’s a message, an untold truth. The Monologue Empire (TME) is here to deliver that message.

“The Monologue Empire” is a community of storytellers, talented Nigerian actors fighting for the greater good of humanity through their arts.

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It is a performing art empire, a voice for the voiceless that seeks to heal many broken souls in the world through monologue, tackle social menace such as rape, child abuse, homelessness, Cyberbullying, domestic violence, drug abuse, hunger, gender discrimination, political misconducts, and as well connect good actors with top movie directors in the country.

By connecting the actors with directors and producers, the director instead of gathering people for auditions and ending up not getting the desired actor or perfect actor for the role as he had imagined, only needs to visit The Monologue Empire’s media platforms right from his bedroom and scout for the perfect actor.

Its first official Monologue video would be premiered on Monday, 18th November, 2019 on Youtube channel

The contents of “The Monologue Empire” performances are mostly gotten from real-life experiences, such as the Onitsha fire outbreak that burnt countless shops, the Balogun market fire in Lagos. How will these people survive the loss and pain?

The case of suicide? Killings of innocent people in the country? Police brutality, talk about extortions? murder? (why do people even murder?).

The untold truths that people do not want to hear are spoken loudly, well established at The Monologue Empire.

The Empire drops contents every Mondays and Fridays of the week on its YouTube channel, and other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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You can be a part of this great Empire, let’s change the world, let’s join hands and build the future, just send a mail to [email protected]

Please Note that the Halima’s story above is strictly fictional.

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