Five things to know about popular Ukraine fashionista, Victoria Millen

The aspiring artist Victoria Millen is just here to inspire the world with what she does.

Some people just stand out when they are in a certain place you know instantly that they are around. All eyes would be on them. They have the power to shift the mood of a place without even trying.

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Victoria Millen born Viktoria Genadievna Mykolenko first got attention at PFW 2019 when she walks in with style getting attention without even trying to make a scene to get attention. It was in Paris at the red carpet we first saw her.

She didn’t have to walk down the lane or hold the mic before she got a lot of people’s attention. As she came in there was a noticeable shift. Her aura was so heavy that you had to take your eyes off whatever you were doing.

Ukraine fashionista and artist Victoria Millen on her way to stardom. Fast-rising star on the loop and over the last 6 months she has been spotted on red carpets. Currently, she was spotted at Paris Fashion Week (PFW) 2019 in Paris.

Below are 5 things you didn’t know about the fashion traveller.

1.) Her birth name is Viktoria Genadievna Mykolenko.

2.) She grew up with her Grandmother in Ukraine.

3.) She studied Arts and culture in Ukraine and United Kingdom.

4.) She studied “czech language” in Prague in Czech Republic.

5.) Her parents are divorced.

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