November 7, 2019

Female drug addict charged with murder after giving birth to stillborn baby

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A female drug addict has been arrested and charged with murder after she gave birth to a stillborn baby.

The woman, Chelsea Cheyenne Becker was a charged after an autopsy was conducted on the stillborn baby and it was discovered it has high methamphetamine even more than expected average in an adult.

Becker, a California, USA resident pleaded not guilty to the charges according to CNN report. However, she did not deny the use of meth during her pregnancy.

She gave birth to the child on September 10. Doctors suggested she must have been taking the drug during pregnancy.

The death was ruled a homicide after an autopsy by the Kings County Coroner’s Office found methamphetamine in the baby’s system.

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Reacting to the case, the United States’ Hanford Police said, “The levels of methamphetamine in this baby’s system were such high levels, even for an adult, so we believe that she was using almost the entire time that she was pregnant”.

The earlier three children she has all tested positive for meth in their systems when they were born. Most of her children were taken away from her due to her substance abuse.

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Becker’s family hope she would come out of this stronger and be a better person.

Speaking, her cousin, Terra Ordonez said; “I’m excited for her to straighten up and get clean because I know she’s smart enough to get out of it,
“It’s an eye-opener for a lot of women who are struggling. If you’re pregnant, scream for help.”

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