If you’re planning to travel or buy goods abroad, your biggest worry is usually about currency conversation, right? You also want to avoid hidden charges. But what happens when you want to holdcash with you? Then you have to worry about the black market exchange rates, or the well-known “Aboki”.

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What if you can avoid all of these completely?

We are talking about total payment freedom and convenience. None offers better opportunities that when you own a virtual dollar card. Due to its popularity among many young Nigerians, here are a few reasons why ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is the best way to bank without restrictions.

1.  It’s very convenient to own one, seriously.

The card was launched in February 2018, andhas grown to represent true innovation, banking technology and true convenience.

Just log in to ALAT on mobile or web. Select Cards on the Main Menu and click on ALAT Dollar Card. You’ll be redirected to a settings page where you’ll be required to Create a New Card. Fill in all information to proceed.

2.  It’s easy to convert the money in your account into dollars.

When you create your virtual card on the ALAT app, it is funded with dollars converted from the naira in your ALAT account at the current bank rate. So if you need more, you can keep funding your account to improve the balance.

3.  It is accepted on popular international websites.

Some international platforms do not accept payments from Nigerian cards, but with the ALAT app, you can credit your virtual card in foreign currencies to make payments for goods and services without restrictions.

4.  You don’t have to worry about hidden charges!

This might be surprising for many account holders in Nigeria, but you really don’t have to worry any text message informing you about some bank charges every time you use your card. Your first virtual card is totally free, but you are required to pay the standard monthly card maintenance fee.

5.  It is extremely secure.

Firstly, you don’t have to carry a card around with you. The ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is a non-physical, dollar-denominated debit card designed for online payments. It simply resides on your app in digital form, and you can use it whenever you need to pay online in dollars.

Secondly, you’ll get the usual details (card name, card number, an expiry date and a three-digit CVV number) and you can use these details to pay wherever dollar cards are accepted online.

If for some strange reason, you don’t have the ALAT app, sign upright away!



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