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When the boss’s wife was like a fever in his blood!

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By Bunmi Sofola

Olisa isn’t your typical run of the mill playboy – he tall, young, strong and ambitious.  He looks more like a confident Jack-the-lad who is in control of his life.

A seemingly happily married bank manager (now ex), Olisa looked for all the world like a man in control of his life – until he made the emotional blunder of falling for his boss’ wife!  It was a mistake for which he’s paid dearly as today, he’s on the verge of picking himself from the gutter where his ‘sugar-mummy has dumped him.

“I met Stella at one of the bank’s annual parties”, said Olisa.  “|She’d come alone because her husband, who is an executive director of the bank, had to travel abroad to take care of his personal business. As head of public relations, it was my duty to see to t that she was picked up at the house, and that she had a good time at the party. I was at the party with my wife, so we both made sure Stella wasn’t left alone.

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“The following Monday after the party, she called to let me know how much of a good time she had. Later in the day, I went to their house because she said she wanted something and that was how it all started. I was about 33 then and she was ten years older – but she didn’t look it. I discovered her to be very lovely, outgoing and a very attractive lady.

I remember the night we got together very clearly.  The bank had a good lodging arrangement with a reputable hotel and I was mildly surprised when she agreed to have dinner with me in one of the rooms.  Her husband was away on business as usual and we had a lot of wine with our dinner.

“I don’t really know who made the first move – but we both realised something was going to happen.  When we eventually made love, it was mind-blowing.  I don’t want to go into details, but suffice it to say that we wee very compatible in the bedroom and had a lot of fun that fateful night. I had not been as close to a woman as I was to her since I got married to my wife some seven years ago.

“At first, I thought it would be a one-night stand encounter, but things took off from there.  Soon, we were spending two or thee nights a week together.  She would phone me at work to tell me what time she’d finish work, and I’d go to the hotel in secret. I was in charge of hotel bookings an I always booked the rooms in the names of our regular clients.

“Often, we would have a meal with room service but sometimes we just skipped dinner. Being with her was a privilege as she brought out feelings I’d long forgotten. I was smitten with her and she said she loved me. She sent me text messages to that effect and I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that smooth sailing.

There were times I felt I was living on borrowed time with her. She would arrange to meet me, then text to cancel because of her husband’s change of plans. It could be really frustrating but when we eventually get-together, being with her was all that mattered.  It was not just bonk, bonk, bonk – I believe there was more to our relationship than that. She was my soul mate and I would have done anything she wanted – all she had to do was ask.

“About nine months after I first met her, the bubble burst – my head of department got wind of what he termed a `scandal’ and told me in no uncertain terms that I shouldn’t be mixing business with pleasure.

He insisted I put an end to the affair and I gave him my word I would. But I had fallen too deep for Stella to give her up. When I told her that the secret was out, she agreed we would have to find a different location for our tryst. Then someone sent an anonymous letter to my wife and she confronted me, she said her ears were virtually bending with tales of my hot romance with Stella – and I couldn’t even deny it – I was that besotted with her. My wife’s anguish didn’t stop the romance either – I was in too deep!

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“When Stella’s husband discovered from a note I sent her, a note she was to have destroyed as soon as she read it, he came storming to the bank. I was summoned to the board room like a naughty child and Stella’s husband told me point blank that it would be uncomfortable for him if I were working with the bank he’d pumped so much money into – and bonking his wife in the process. I was given the option to resign instead of being fired to avoid a scandal.

“When I tried to get in touch with Stella on her mobile, it was her husband who answered my call. Later, when I met a friend of hers, I was really put out when she said Stella dismissed our relationship as an affair. That was really hard for me to take. I was devastated because I loved her. How could she dismiss it like that when we had spent so much time together?  Was her denial of her love for me for public consumption?

“Of course what we had was an affair, but it wasn’t just about sex. Now, her husband has carried his grudge to the extent of stopping me from earning a salary from a profession I had build up over the years.  That is not right. I man, there were two of us in this tango, why should I be labelled the opportunist?

“Yet, if I could do t all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing with Stella – but I’m heart broken at the way it ended. It would have been easier for both families if I had not met her. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy every minute I spent with her. I never wanted to get into a relationship with a married woman, but you can’t control your feelings.

“I wouldn’t have stayed in the relationship if I had known here marriage was secure.  She gave me the impression that they were having a rough time. I wish her all the best of luck. But oh, how I miss her …”

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