October 17, 2019

There is better women representation in Lagos –  Ibijoke Sanwo-olu

There is better women representation in Lagos –  Ibijoke Sanwo-olu


The first lady and wife of the governor of Lagos State, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-olu has said there is better representation of women in the government of her husband, Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu compared to previous administrations.

Speaking through a representative, Dr.Mrs Grace Ibokwe at the 6th Annual summit of the NECA Network of Entreprenuerial Women (NNEW), themed; ‘Power Up, No Limitations’, Dr. Ibijoke said that women are taking active roles in bettering the society, as Lagos State governor has shown his regard for women by admitting a good number of them into his cabinet.

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”In the administration of Babajide Sanwo-olu, women are very well represented, there has been a great improvement in the representation especially at the cabinet.We have about thirteen, women unlike in the previous administration, we are really well represented in this administration.”

On the popular assertion that the role of women is restricted to the kitchen, she replied that;

“We have gone pass the days where women duties are limited to the kitchen.Women are doing great things for themselves, the nation and even the world. We have so many women Presidents, Prime Ministers, Commissioners, Captains of Industries, these women have made it on their own.”

The program, according to the President of NECA Network of Entrepreneurial Women, Mrs. Modupe Oyekunle is organized for women entrepreneurs to be able to network among themselves and then grow their business, and Nigeria at large.

On her part, the Co-founder and Executive Director Falcon Corporation Limited and President of the Nigerian Gas Association, Mrs. Audrey Joe-Ezeigbo, on what she titled, ‘The Eagle Entrepreneur’ spoke about the need to be focused in business, nation building, and integrity.

” there is need for anyone who is an entrepreneur to be focused, tenacious, not be distracted by storm, to persevere, to be able to think pass the current realities and look to the future. It is imperative for all of us to think about nation building and legacy planning, so that we are not just doing business for our today, but that we are trying to build systems and structures, institutions that will outlive ourselves and our generation. ”

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“It is important to us as Nigerians not to shy away from the integrity question even if it is going to cost us something,  we can’t be complaining about government and then in our own spaces we are not doing the right things, we need to be willing to step away from things that look like opportunities if they are going to put us in places of compromise, The only way we build a nation that is sustainable, ethical, a nation that our children will be happy in, is that each and everyone of us is willing to go that extra mile to do something different for the businesses that we run.”

Adding also, Executive Vice Chairman, ENL Consortium Ltd.  Princess Dr.Vicky Haastrup said;

“There are quite a lot that women can do,women carry special grace to be able to achieve whatever they want to achieve. We are in a technology age now,everything is changing,women are no longer discriminated in other parts of the world, why should Nigeria be an exception, even in culture, from the family circle, parents would prefer to educate the boy child over the girl, I think that is wrong. Women in Nigeria and all over the world have been able to prove themselves, we have a lot of Presidents, Prime Ministers, we have women as managing directors of big corporations and establishment and they have done well.So there should not be a limitation to what a girl child can achieve.”