By Gabriel Olawale

The Chief Executive Officer of Medflit, Adeyinka Adeniran has called for the embracement of Telemedicine as a way of removing boundaries in healthcare by cutting down the cost of medicine by almost 90 per cent.

Adeniran said that Nigeria currently has a health disparity challenge between the rich and the poor in which telemedicine will help to enhance doctors function and patients performance.

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He said: “It’s no news that Nigeria’s health care system is underdeveloped with several barriers to healthcare including health disparity, distance, cost, patient waiting time. Technology adoption including telemedicine can potentially revolutionize the country’s healthcare system. Telemedicine, the remote delivery of healthcare services allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using technology.

“Telemedicine will augment rather than compete with physical hospitals. The purpose of telemedicine is to attend to non-emergency conditions. Users who need physical examinations or cases of medical emergencies are referred immediately which is why Medflit is an integrated platform that allows for hospital, pharmacy and laboratory bookings.

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“Medflit, Africa’s First Integrated Telemedicine platform integrates different aspects of medicine including online consultation, hospital booking, school telemedicine and employee screening to provide affordable services that accommodate the poor, middle class and rich.”

The easy-to-use technology platform also makes it possible for users to speak to doctors in different languages in addition to a voice call service. With a monthly payment of N1000, users can access unlimited consultations and talk to a doctor via chat, voice or video call.

Adeyinka also advocates for healthcare policies that encourage health practitioners and strengthen the system need to be established, “accountability, transparency and use of technology including telemedicine will further advance our healthcare system.”


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