October 8, 2019

Sex for grade: Why is Falz quiet? Why shouldn’t he be? Nigerians argue


Falz, real name Folarin Falana, has become a voice that captions societal happenings succinctly and to high praise from Nigerians, but social media woke up to some argument as to why the musician is yet to comment on the sex for grade scandal involving a University of Lagos (UNILAG) lecturer, Dr Boniface Igbeneghu.

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Of course, Nigerians argue over everything but a section of commentators on social media was confused as to why anybody should call out Falz for not speaking, yet, on the ongoing matter. In fact, the lecturer in question has also not said anything, Dr Igbeneghu said he wouldn’t be pressurised to make comments on the matter.

“The Minister of Education has not said anything, and several others too, but why should anybody be bothered about Falz and his silence?,” Some said.

Falz has in time past spoken on different societal ills, lyrically sometimes and if Nigerians are asking questions about his silence, why not? Let’s just say it is more of respect for his objectiveness than mere criticism.

Mayowa Olagunju said: “Falz sings about transactional sex, you drag him. Falz keeps quiet and minds his business, you drag him. I know foolishness is free, but that doesn’t mean you should overdose on it.”

Falz Minister of Education? or part of ASUU council? -Where is Adamu Adamu? -Where is Buhari and Aisha? -Where is Osibanjo? And you are busy Trending “Where is Falz” to come n do what exactly? E gbe sense yin! Call out the right people to tackle #SexForGrade issue,” Yakuza Surfer said on Twitter.
Obi of Onitsha also said on Twitter: “I get that you’re still pained about the transactional sex Falz talked about in his music, but to drag him for not tweeting about #SexForGrades Immediately the news broke out, is really an aimless tomfoolery. Some people are not just bitter clowns, but a whole circus.”
And then there are others.


What Falz has to say about the whole matter

But Falz has indeed come out to join the discussion, he said: I don’t think this is a time for baseless animosity. I have and will always speak up against all forms of sexual abuse. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. What we should be doing is working together to get rid of this dysfunctional system that allows women to be taken advantage of.”