October 30, 2019

SAGE Innovation Centre partners Art X Lagos for 2019 edition

SAGE Innovation Centre partners Art X Lagos for 2019 edition

By Benjamin Njoku

With the aim of showcasing the best and most innovative contemporary art from the African continent and its Diaspora, SAGE Innovation Centre, a social accelerator for a Green Economy in Lagos has partnered with Art X Lagos, West Africa’s premier international art fair, on its fourth edition.

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According to its founder, Nazanin Alakija, SAGE Innovation Centre is a non-profit organization that believes that climate change is a serious threat to humanity – and by collaborating and poolling resources together, something can be done to curb the threat.

Alakija revealed that sponsoring the ART X Lagos 2019 is in line with the organization’s value of helping to formulate and collaborate with teams around ideas, and bringing together project leaders, designers, artists etc to help build and scale bold solutions in the fight against climate change.

This is why it is sponsoring one of the curated projects of the fair to showcase emerging photographers whose work documents the environment of Lagos, both buildings under construction and building that are characterized by worn infrastructure and seemingly stand-in for another time decades past, with a focus on the many areas threatened by the environmental challenges that plague the city of Lagos.

Through AR technology, some of these photographs will be consumed by elements that represent ways in which the environment is currently at risk. For some photographs, the described elements will build up, demonstrating the risk of continuing to live in the way that we do.

In other photographs, the elements dissipate, demonstrating what positive legislation and actions on the part of Lagosians can do to prevent or curb the havoc wreaked on our environment.

The featured photographers include Amanda Iheme, Nyancho Nwanri, and Ifebusola Shotunde.

Tokini Peterside, Founder of Art X Lagos stated during the launch of the 2019 edition that this year’s edition would ‘contribute significantly to positioning the visual arts as an important aspect of Nigeria’s creative industry.’

She further expressed her appreciation to SAGE Innovation for its efforts at promoting a Green Economy particularly by partnering with Art X Lagos with the focus to showcase our environment through arts.

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The ART X Lagos this year will feature a robust line-up of panel discussions open to all fairgoers. The event will run from November 1 – 3, 2019 at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.