October 10, 2019

Private account used in running Imo Transport Company ― Chairman

Imo Transport Company run with private account ― Chairman

A bus belonging to Imo Transport Company

By Chinonso Alozie, Owerri

The Chairman of Interim Management Committee, of Imo Transport Company, ITC, Emeka Ariguzo, yesterday said that when he assumed office last three months, he discovered that ITC, was running under private account.

Imo Transport Company run with private account  ― Chairman

A bus belonging to Imo Transport Company

Ariguzo, who spoke in Owerri, added that he could not have access into that account because it was an individual account.
Apart from the issue of private account, he lamented that the Imo Transport Company could boost of only thirty-three vehicles nationwide pointing out that it was  a result of mismanagement of the company.
The chairman mentioned that part of his activities since he came into office, was to recover some of the busses owned by ITC, as well as the lost loading base of the company in some states.
It was this view that the company has no file to work on and that he introduced the use of file in the company.
According to Ariguzo, “From the time I took over ITC, this place was lost, the people working here lost confidence. The workers lost confidence nobody can say anything good about ITC, those on franchise were not happy. People salaries were splitted to half. I came here to meet only thirty-three vehicles.
“I saw vandalized vehicles and I started giving some of them and now we have fifty vehicles for the whole of ITC, nationwide and with that, I have been able to pay our people salaries a hundred percent.
“Look at our vehicles littered all over the places in the country, three months ago I recovered our vehicle in court in Abuja. Our land lost in Lagos and we recovered it. We have restored the park we lost six years ago.”
He further said: “When we came in here, we never met any file the file you are seeing here no hand over note was given to me no singular money was given to me, as a matter of fact, may salary of the workers here have not been paid.
“We met a place that did not have a bank account, they were running here with their personal account the only bank account I had here was a company bank account that belongs to somebody.
“This is the information I got from people here and the private account I cannot touch it. It is his own account.”