October 19, 2019

No one is nicer than me in Nollywood ― Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar, Nollywood

Halima Abubakar

Ahead of her birthday on Wednesday, Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar, opened a can of worms that may have plenty of veiled connotations as she declared herself the nicest person in Nollywood, totally at variance with her former roommate and friend, Cossy Ojiakor’s assessment of the actress who labelled her ‘a snake’ for betraying her, leading to the ‘sex with dog’ saga that emotionally tore the ‘nutty queen’ apart.

Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar made the declaration on her Instagram page and challenged anyone to prove otherwise or take her on.

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Hear her, “ One second everywhere go bust! No one is nicer than me in Nollywood. Yes, I said it. Chilling in a fresh bath and some red wine. A milk bath is yummy. PS Instagram is an avenue to expand. I can give you jobs because I’m a filmmaker with 10 movies to my name. I have a 21 plot of land in Lokoja for farming. I can hire you and pay you. I have a store @habibiluxury I can still hire you, or is it the Ibeju property? I can hire you as well. Because I don’t post my life or go out of character? My life is not all about this. I’m 34 and blessed,”


Many of her colleagues who responded seemed to agree with her assertion, praising her (Halima Abubakar) and wishing her happy birthday. As harmless as her rants seem there are whispers that they are aimed at her old friend, now an open foe, Cossy Ojiakor.