By Idowu Bankole

US Based Community Builder, MagnaFaith Krimi, has on Tuesday, called on the federal government of Nigeria to step up the fight against insurgency and corruption in the country.

Addressing Vanguard via a telephone interview from Washington DC, MagnaFaith noted that corruption breeds all kinds of violence and injustice against women and children, ultimately birthing a dysfunctional society at large. Violence, to include kidnapping, sexual harassment, child Labour, rape, domestic violence, thuggery and terrorism. She said.

According to Magnafaith, “Corruption is the bane of any society, unfortunately, it has eaten too deep into all spheres of the Nigerian society, chiefly promoting violent extremism in Nigeria. Nigerian women and children have been subjected to all kinds of inhumane treatments, from denial of education to child marriage, and lack of freedom to practice their religion of choice.’

“ The federal government of Nigeria should intensify her campaign against corruption and terrorist activities which have bedevilled the country in the past decade, our women and children are dying. How many more widows and orphans to the count for a change.”

MagnaFaith also stated that while combating terrorism, the government must ensure that the human rights of the citizens are not violated. She advised that this fight against terrorists should be in tandem with the acceptable global technique.

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“The Nigerian armed forces should display optimal professionalism when engaging terrorists, like this, will depict their true strength against insurgency. It is not fair that the international community continues to find faults with our gallant military men and women sacrificing their lives and time with loved ones in the fight against insurgency,” MagnaFaith stated.

MagnaFaith also called on various civil rights group in Nigeria, to be resolute and not be bought over by machinery, locally and internationally. Stating, such would be subverting the interest of the majority of the people.

“Civil rights groups should rise up against perceived injustices, we must and should not be bought over with juicy contracts or political appointments. This will silence the voice of the oppressed and put a dent in the future of our children”.

She called on the Nigerian government to allow the rule of law to prevail. Stating no-one can be certain of the outcome of conflict as it is with many unforeseeable dangers and surprises even. We are 59 she said. We must not waste time, money and peace. Conflict is costly, it is painful, unpredictable and destructive. At the end “Nigeria” “We” all loose.

There is an emerging truth that the true nature of Nigeria is that of resilience, courage and hope. Thus, we pray the second verse of our beloved national anthem, with tears.

Oh God of Creation
Direct our Noble Cause
Guide our Leaders Right
Help our Youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And live in Just and truth
Great lofty height attain
To build a Nation where
Peace and justice shall reign.


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