October 21, 2019

Nigeria claims title for world’s best Scrabble team

Nigeria claims title for world’s best Scrabble team

The Nigeria Scrabble national team as again reclaimed their status by winning the World English Scrabble Players Association Championship (WESPAC) title after winning the same trophy in 2015.

Nigeria won the Best Team trophy at the World Scrabble Championship 2019. PHOTO: Facebook

In total, 30 countries were represented by 145 players. Team Nigeria featured 11 players and officials.

Two Nigerians were ranked at the competition ― fifth and 10th ― while others were ranked in the top 30.

The national coach of the Nigeria Scrabble team, Prince Anthony Ikolo also showed his competence by winning the title in the Indian International Scrabble Open Tournament also held at the event.
Commenting on the team’s achievement, Okolo said; “This feat has put Nigeria in the world map again as the best scrabble-playing nation in the world. The achievement was based on the commitment of the players and officials.

“We thank Nigerians and everybody who made the trip possible. It was tough but we succeeded… beating top countries in the world was not easy,” he said.

The Nigeria Scrabble Federation President, Suleiman Gora has also commended the team noting the performance is another stupendous achievement for the country.

“My special congratulations to all members of the Nigerian Scrabble team in India. I am very proud of your performances and you should also be proud of yourselves.

“It was not easy for us getting there and playing to this level with little resources. Ojior, Gbenga, Jack and Mbagwu God bless you all. Toke and Ikolo and the entire team thanks and congratulations. Wish you all journey mercy back home. We are proud of the team,” he said.

In aspiration of the feat achieved by the Nigerian team in India, South Africa’s Scrabble president, Andrew Goldberg, has imployed South Africa’s schools to start grooming word talent from schools.

According to the SA Times Live online news site report, Goldberg said; “Grooming talent from school level has paid off for Nigeria, which has taken the Best Team trophy at the World Scrabble Championship in Goa, India.

“The country [Nigeria] is known as a leading Scrabble-playing nation. Its best players are sponsored, playing the game at school,”.

Vanguard News Nigeria.