October 1, 2019

Nigeria @ 59: With unity, we shall overcome our challenges -Bamidele


Opeyemi Bamidele

By Rotimi Ojomoyela, Ado-Ekiti

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Judiciary, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, has felicitated with Nigerians on the 59th independent anniversary, saying

Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, representing Ekiti Central Senatorial District

“We can overcome our current challenges too if we work in unity”.  Senator Bamidele representing Ekiti Central Senatorial District said the country will subdue its myriad of challenges and become great if citizens can believe in a United Nigeria with enormous strength in its diversity.


Bamidele while congratulating Nigerians and Ekiti State on the occasion of the 59th Independence anniversary and 23 years of Ekiti creation in a statement on Wednesday, said no nation can rise to stardom and climb the ladder of economic prosperity without facing challenges as being presently witnessed in the country.


Senator Bamidele, said with the act of patriotism,  that Nigeria has a greater economic and political prospect among the committee of the nations in Africa and at the global scene. “What Nigerians are passing through today is not known to other advanced nations. Before a country can grow to the level of self-sustenance, there are prices to pay and pains to bear.


“But we need to believe in unity, honesty, and patriotism for us to get out of these challenges because any nation that fails to imbibe these virtues will sink deeper into economic deprivation.”Nigerian citizens across the board must learn how to be upright, diligent and selfless in their services to the nation.


“The act and zeal to build a virile nation must be our collective responsibility and not that of the leaders alone, who in most cases, perceived self-interest as national interest. ” A lot of mistakes led to this messy situation we are in, but these are not beyond corrections if all of us can embrace attitudinal change and learn how to do things the right way”.