October 3, 2019

Kaduna shortlists 13,700 for next stage of civil service recruitment

Kaduna shortlists 13,700 for next stage of civil service recruitment

By Temisan Amoye

The Kaduna State Government has shortlisted 13, 700 applicants for the next stage of state government’s 2019 recruitment exercise into the civil service and its parastatals. This was made known on the government’s official website, where a total break down and analysis of the application was stated.

Successful applications

The 13,700 individuals were selected from a pool of 41,971 applicants, based on plagiarism and use of English during the assessment of their submitted essays online.

According to the website, applications were received from the 36 states of the federation, including the FCT. The North-West had the most successful applications with 10,932 successful applicants, with Kaduna state accounting for 10,696 of them. Which gives the state the highest share of successful applicants, with the South-East having the least with 222 successful applicants, while Bayelsa state has the least applicants selected with 2 successful applications from a possible 18.

Distribution by Geopolitical zone

The age demographic shows that 3.02% of the applications represent applicants between the ages of 18-23, 32.79% represents ages 24-29, 30-35 represents 45.69%, 36-41 represents 14.42%, 42-47 represents 3.14% and applicants over 48 years make up 0.94% of the applicants.

Age and experience breakdown

Experience level also shows that 7,724 out of the 13,700 of the initial successful applicants are entry-level applicants, while 4955 are mid-level applicants, and 1021 represent top management level applications.


The Kaduna State Government welcomed the massive response to the recruitment notice and also thanked all the applicants for their interest in working with Kaduna State. All successful candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted by email with regards to dates for the computer-based test, which is the next stage of the recruitment process.

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