October 12, 2019

I look flamboyant but I am a simple girl Becky Madojemu

I look flamboyant but I am a simple girl Becky Madojemu

By Florence Amagiya

It is no news that Becky Madojemu is a seasoned Broadcaster with  the Nigerian Television Authority(NTA), and that she has been the darling face you see on  NewsLine for more than a decade.

The news today is that Becky is an author who has  written a book making waves and  she is planning a second one. In this chat with Weekend Woman, she talks about the journey so far in the world of Broadcasting, her new book, her favourite past time, politics and much more.

How have you fared since becoming a broadcaster?

I have been a broadcaster all my working life and I would honestly say that it’s a mixed bag of mostly the good. Broadcasting in Nigeria is tasking no doubt, especially when you consider how demanding the job can be; yet its been great.

What else would you have done if given another chance to pick a new or additional career?

A younger me would have said a job in Finance or in the Oil sector because young minds tend to associate success with a hefty salary. But as an adult who is motivated by passion, aside broadcasting, I would say Public Relations or work as a full time author.

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In reminiscing, what part of Broadcasting did you find most challenging when you started?

When I first started out, I would say presentation was the most challenging because I was a green horn. I read Economics in the University and there I was in the world of broadcasting after passing an audition. I started off as a reporter and was quite content doing that, until my bosses decided to throw me into the deep end; anchoring the news. With time though; I got over the stage fright and enjoyed that aspect of Broadcasting.

How did you surmount them?

I surmounted them by learning, training and my willingness to be mentored by role models in the industry.

Who is Becky outside being a beautiful woman, a fantastic Broadcaster and a Presenter?

Well, I am a simple girl next door person. I live simply. I may look flamboyant but if you come into my space, you will meet a constrasting personality. You would think I live a busy social life. I actually don’t. I could stay home for days on end; as long as I’ve got electricity, food and data, I will be happy. I’m what you may call an introverted-extrovert. Then, I’m a family person. I am still single, but connected to my siblings scattered across.

We are a close knit family and we stick together. I have very few friends. Very few. I love to travel. I wish I could do more of that though. Then, I write. I have a book, A Husband Scorned. In less than a year, the growing reviews have been positive. When I am alone, I write stories. On a spiritual level, I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I belong to the Pentecostal Sect. I know no other route to finding my Spirit than that.

What is your relationship with Frank Olize; despite the fact that he is retired?

Frank Olize was indeed a veteran and l used to love his style, but I am not close to him.

How would you rate yourself on News Line compared to a Veteran  like Frank Olize?

I can never rate myself with Frank Olize or the others because at the time they were Kings and Queens of the Screen; there was no competition. There was no other TV station to compete with NTA. Today, there is Multichoice and so many more.

Tell us about your new book and what inspired it?

My book was inspired by what I do for a living. First of all, I am a reporter. My job requires that I tell stories. True stories, by the way. And like most reporters, I have seen it all. My imagination is also very active. At some point, it seemed smart to bring all the characters I had invented in my head to life in the best format, which of course is a book. I am also an avid reader. Whenever I read fiction, I catch myself editing the stories as I go on. Let’s just say I am that armchair critic who had to prove something for a change.

It is amazing that you were able to squeeze time from your very  busy schedule to write; what inspired you?

You know, I get asked that a lot. Like I said, I’m an indoor person. If I am not at work, I am at home. Writing three pages a day amounts to a lot in the end. It took me months to finish the manuscript. So, yes, I’m busy, but when you want to achieve something, create time.

Are we expecting another soonest?

Yes! I am working on my next book. In a few months. I would judge myself as excellent. Well, those who have read it say so.

Your beauty has been preserved in spite of the odd l must confess; what is a good day for delectable Becky?

A good day is pray, traffic, work, home, interactions, entertainment and sleep.

What would you not travel without?

I can’t travel without my phone. With my phone I can do most things.

What is your idea of fun?

My idea of fun is travel. Get on a plane and go. That is real fun. If I could afford it, I would travel round the world. That’s one of my wishes.

What is your take on women and Politics; would you want to give it a shot in future?

To me, the term “women and politics” sounds really condescending, although it’s a popular cliche worldwide. Yet, I understand because of where all societies are coming from. Women were in the background through the ages and it will take forever for the planet to conclude on gender equality. Having said that, I believe politics is a calling.

I have seen women without political pedigree come forward to slug it out with men and win. They did not wait for affirmative action to decide their political fate. I respect that a whole lot. Men should be open to the idea of more women coming in. Women themselves should not put down other women who are in politics. This happens quite a lot.

Women are good leaders by nature maybe because of maternal instincts; hence the world would be a better place if more women veered into politics. Meanwhile, Nigerian husbands need to show more support for wives with political ambition. It’s not as bad as it looks. And yes, I would love to give politics a shot some day.

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A lot of new Broadcasters are looking up to you for a lot of reasons these days; what is your advise to them?

There is no better station than NTA. Forget the hype you see around. That’s why I’m still where I am.

What has life taught you?

Life has taught me never to predict life. Until a couple of years ago, I used to trust people a whole lot. But now I know for sure that there are other forces at play. As it were, I commit each day to God and whatever comes my way, I accept as HIS perfect will. Life has also taught me to be grateful. Every Moment is a gift to treasure. I live in a state of constant gratitude.