October 9, 2019

I am not corrupt, just a victim of political battles ― Zuma’s son

I am not corrupt, just a victim of political battles ― Zuma’s son

Duduzane Zuma

Son of former South African president, Jacob Zuma who was alleged to have been involved in a number of corrupt practices executed by his father has denied any wrongdoing.

Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma was giving evidence for a second day at an inquiry that’s investigating corruption.

Like his father, the young Mr Zuma denied each and every corruption allegation that was put to him.

“I’m not corrupt,” he said.

He also said this: “I’m looked at as criminal. I’m looked at as this face of corruption, I’m this guy that’s plundered trillions out of the country which is not the case by the way.

“I’d just like to say to the public out there. I’m not corrupt I have not taken money from anybody. I never have and never will.”

Then he explained that he is a victim of his father’s political battles.

“I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I believe that I’m unfortunately caught up in a political storm.”

For his part Judge Raymond Zondo, who is running the inquiry, emphasised that he is after one thing only the truth, BBC reported.

He reassured Mr Zuma: “We are looking at everything. We don’t have a version we want to be proved, we just want the truth. Wherever we might get the evidence”

The inquiry is investigating allegations that ex-President Zuma oversaw a web of corruption during his term in office.

The accusations focus on his relationship with the controversial Gupta family, which was accused of influencing cabinet appointments and winning lucrative state tenders through corruption.

Both the former president and the family deny any wrongdoing.

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