By Moses Nosike

Olusola Malomo, a Lagos-based dietary consultant, has urged health-conscious individuals to consider fruit juice intake as a smart choice towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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Malomo, who is also the National Publicity Secretary of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, said this in his recent monthly healthy living dialogue, supported by Chivita as part of its ‘no-added sugar’ campaign.

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According to him, individuals who desire a healthy lifestyle should consciously make fruit juice intake a daily habit. He noted that juice consumption is a major step towards fulfilling the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) as stipulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other agencies.

“RDA is the estimated amount of nutrients (or calories) per day considered necessary for the maintenance of good health as defined by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences. RDA is periodically updated to reflect new findings in medical and nutritional sciences. Pure fruit intake has become very essential in the discussion of RDA,” he said.

Quoting findings by Fruit Juice Matters, a lifestyle advocacy organisation that promotes the essence of fruit juice, the dietitian said a glass of juice a day counts towards meeting RDA and increases compliance with recommended fruit and vegetable intake by 51 per cent in some cases.

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He also cited WHO as saying that a healthy diet, which includes fruit juice and protein, could prevent malnutrition and non-communicable diseases.

The dietician made a clarification on the right portion of fruit juice. He stated that: “The amount of fruit you need to eat depends on your age, sex and need level of physical activity. The RDA of 100% fruit juice is equivalent to 62-kcal or around three percent of daily energy based on a 2,000-kcal diet…As a benchmark, a woman needs about 1.5-2 glass of 100% fruit juice every day while a man needs minimum of two glass daily.”




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