October 16, 2019

Financial inclusion: Eyowo to revolutionise financial services in Nigeria

Financial inclusion: Eyowo to revolutionise financial services in Nigeria

By Prince Osuagwu

A Technology Company, Softcom, has unveiled a mobile banking company called Eyowo. Eyowo renders financial services to Nigerians via their mobile phone numbers with simple, modern and reliable dexterity.

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According to Softcom, with Eyowo, people can send and receive money, buy airtime, pay bills, make ATM withdrawals without card, request and accept payment from customers using only their phone numbers.

The company says that individuals can also save and earn interest, borrow money at zero interest and have access to dollar cards to carry out international transactions.

CEO Eyowo, Tomi Amao said the banking services that Eyowo provides will revolutionise all financial processes like how people spend, save, receive send and borrow money, including consumers, retailers, businesses, and developers.

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Amao said:  “Eyowo was created in an attempt to solve the financial inclusion problem in Nigeria. Today, we are launching a bank for all.

“Our target market is everyone who has a payment need and has a phone number. This includes people and businesses who want to make or receive payments for goods and services online and offline,” he added. Eyowo Product and Partnerships Lead, Ope Adeyemi, said: “We’ve engineered products that are truly accessible to everyone regardless of the social status they belong to. Eyowo is available on Android, iOS, USSD, Voice, SMS and on the web.”

The company also highlighted Eyowo Retail, a service which uses just one tool to manage orders.

The tool can manage payments, inventory, customers, settlements and reports, thus helping retailers organise their business more efficiently for optimal growth.

It said businesses can also now accept more forms of payment – cash, card, bank transfers, and Eyowo.

Adeyemi added: “This will significantly expand the customer base and horizon for internet-enabled businesses who today can only receive payments from bank account holders.”