October 24, 2019

Farting in church most embarrassing thing in my life ― Broadcaster

Farting in church most embarrassing thing in my life ― Broadcaster


Ace Ghanaian broadcaster Gilbert Aggrey, otherwise called Abeiku Santana, has revealed that the most embarrassing thing he has done in life is farting during church service.

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Speaking to Nikki Samonas who was a guest on his Atuu Show on UTV, Abeiku said, he is regretful and abashed because the scent conveyed by the fart in the auditorium made him look very appalling to the church members.

According to him, for virtually a month, he felt shamefaced of his actions because it was a holy place. He said, “It is the greatest raw thing I have ever done to myself”.

Abeiku told Nikki that, “before God and man, the one thing I have done in life that I regret the most is farting during church service. It felt very bad because it was prayer time. The sound alone was too shameful because everyone noticed me”.

“Just when the prayer leader was telling us to seek forgiveness for any sin we have committed, I farted. Then one of the members told me that if I were to be in Saudi Arabia they would have hanged me to death because they don’t do that in their mosque,” he added.

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The Okay FM presenter further stated, “that is the most embarrassing and painful thing I have done and I still regret it. Right now I am vigilant whenever I am praying, when I feel it coming, I walk out of the auditorium or try hard to keep it till I am out.”

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