Dozens died in Cameroon landslide caused by torrential rain
Rescue teams are scouring the rubble of destroyed homes for survivors following the landslide. PHOTO: AP

Torrential rainfall has caused a landslide that resulted in the death of dozens of people in Cameroon’s western city, Bafoussam.

The landslide was reported to have happened on Monday night. Rescue team, however, have been searching the area for survivors at the time the state media reported the news on Tuesday.

The governor of the West Cameroon region, Awa Fonka Augustine was reported by Aljazeera to have said: “It is clear that we will have to ask the people who are resident in this area to leave the area, because the area is actually very dangerous”.

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The governor also noted that the death toll had risen from 13 to more than 34. No lesser than two pregnant women were feared dead. A resident, Pierre Kemvhe was reported by Associated Press (AP) to have voiced that his pregnant wife was still missing.

“My wife was expecting a baby and was very tired when she went to sleep while I was still in my shop last night,” he was quoted as saying by AP. “I have not seen her.”

In a similar development, the United Nations has previously stated that about one million people were affected in South Sudan following heavy rains since July.

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