October 8, 2019

Coupon, Bokoko, Xárene, Emotan, others feature in latest Visual Collaborative publication

Coupon, Bokoko, Xárene, Emotan, others feature in latest Visual Collaborative publication

The whole has always been greater than sum of its parts. One platform and its underdog nature rises through sheer grit and determination, being led by its “highly sensitive” founder Ade Olufeko, wins our hearts over with literary brilliance in form of interviews.

This December 2019 Visual Collaborative Polaris’ 4th installment would have up to 12 hours of reading content and would have interviewed over 100 people globally when its Supernova issue is released on

Dignitaries featured in the 2019 final installment include; William Coupon, Bisila Bokoko, Adriana Rodriguez, Xárene Eskandar, Tan Haur, Anthony Armendariz, Yumiko Kayukawa, Arlene Wandera, Ervin “EP” Pope, Jeryln Thomas, Opeyemi Akinfe, Kiki James, Emotan Shine, Akinbo Akin-Olugbade, Nancy Lotanna Ejike, Michel Rothschild, Theda Sandiford, Billura Bayramnova Bernard, Londiwe Ngubeni, Super model Ify Jones, Otunba Dele Ajayi-Smith among others.

This edition covers numerous socio-economic and humanity themes such as; the effect of Echo Chambers, the Collective Unconscious, Artificial Intelligence, the Creative Arts, Music and Business.

The following are some exciting quotes from the publication. “The problem of artificial intelligence is that it is othered. If we think about technologies as augmenting us — augmented intelligence — then emotional intelligence is already built-in. So the fool’s errand started when AI was placed outside the human”, said Xárene Eskandar (Scientist/Innovator).

“Probably the fact that celebrities or those more familiar with posing for a photographer, have pre-conceived positions or stances that they immediately go to as they are familiar with those visuals. It’s difficult to get them to appear “outside the box” as it were. This is difference from those unfamiliar with being a model. I like the range”, William Coupon (Photographer who shot over 15 Times magazine covers).

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“As my Chosen stage name Emotan implies, my rich Edo culture is an integral part of my being. My father, Chief Sam Igbe is the Iyase Of Benin, i.e. the Prime Minister. I was born into the whole gambit of culture and tradition which you can also find in my Edo Songs”, Emotan Shine (Singer).

“I’d tell anyone that wants to get into this field that you should never quit if this is truly something you were meant to do. It’s going to be hard. It will cost you relationships, friendships, sleep and often times your social life. Many start off with an expected time in which they feel success should be obtained. It’s nothing you can estimate. Push through the pain and focus on what you can contribute or how you can change the world through your art. Everything else will follow. Lastly I’d tell them to invest in themselves before they can ask someone else to”, Ervin “EP” Pope (Music Producer/Film Composer).

“As an artiste, it is difficult not to acknowledge that at some point in your practice, you will encounter the world of commerce. In the early days of my practice and fresh out of art school, I was vehemently opposed to the entire notion and was determined to keep my ideas, research and production process untainted with the “commercial trappings” of the art world. I guess as you get older, you eventually realize that life is as much layered”, Arlene Wandera (Artist).

“I am truly excited with the movements worldwide making room for women, we are seeing women working together and men for a more balanced world. I think these movements are positive for the common good of humanity. My view is we can champion these movements working together efficiently and eventually women and men we will be happier with the achievements”, Bisila Bokoko (Spanish-American businesswoman and philanthropist).

Seasoned Engineer and computer science expert Tola “Israel” Ogunleye will move into a more leadership capacity on the platform as Ade Olufeko steps down to serve in a more advisory role. It was announced earlier this year that Olufeko would leave the platform to work on other cross-engine platforms and on a project C.L.O.D (Cascading levels of dominance) through The Avenue Creative umbrella to boast several sectors under humanities.

In September 2019, Olufeko drove back from Abeokuta after an invitation to visit the new Tech Hub in Ogunstate, being commissioned by Ogun state’s administration and friends. Its little surprise to see him at the hub due to the nature of his consulting work and passion for responsible innovation.

Many remember his motion graphic series on the internet in the mid to late 2000s, capturing the hearts of Nigerians in the diaspora, accessing his interactive websites through their University dormitory computers. In 2017 his comments on Smooth F.M radio created a stir within technology circles by his statement; “there is no technology ecosystem in Nigeria”. In retrospect, he was both right and wrong.

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Experts or peers say his futuristic work is light years ahead and too advanced for the Nigerian economy. But others applaud the work, encouraging him to have more fun disrupting the ecosystem with his proposed (Artificial Intelligence) services with extraterrestrial nature and motivations. The cultural elders that understand it will support it.

Strangers and critics alike who stumble upon his counterculture work might wonder about the practical and economic feasibility of intersecting technology, AI and the arts. But the answer to this question is only superficially elusive – Indigenous businesses are already partnering with multinationals in a similar light.

Olufeko presently sits on the Global Advisory Council for the Steering for Greatness Foundation in Lagos Nigeria among many others. His creations and keynote speeches have been known for removing trivial information, which slows down social progress on the continent of Africa and her diaspora.