October 3, 2019

 Agege LG: We don’t take over property, we merely secure them —SLG

Agege LG: We don’t take over property,we merely secure them —SLG

R-T: Bishop Olusanya, Co-chairman Agege Black Spot Committee, Prince Abiodun Oguniyi Vice Chairman, Agege LG, Hon. Gbenga Abiola, SLG

…as securing life and propery is paramount

By Lawal Fadekemi

The secretary to the local government (SLG), Agege local government has said that securing life and property is the priority of the Agege local government.

 Agege LG: We don’t take over property,we merely secure them —SLG

property on 33 Awori Street, Oniwaya area of Agege

He made this known to vanguard online on Wednesday in a press conference that was held in Agege Local government to shed light on the matter that involves the property on 33 Awori Street, Oniwaya area of Agege.

According to the vice-chairman, Prince Abiodun Oguniyi, speaking on behalf of the chairman, Alh. Ganiyu Egunjobi said a black spot committee was set up to rid the environs of Agege from hoodlums.

According to the co-chairman, of the Agege black spot committee, Bishop Olusanya (JP): “ The committee hit the ground running, identified some troubled spot and meeting places of the cult group mostly abandoned the property and uncompleted buildings”.

He said that it was on the recommendation of the committee, spurred by overriding public interest, the council mounted its signpost on one of the buildings amongst which was the property on 33 Awori street.

The SLG said: “ The motive is to chase miscreants out of their various hideouts into the streets where they will be raided by the police”

The committee, however, said, “ It came as a rude shock to us, members of the committee to read in the Newspaper and hear over the radio of an interview granted the Media by Madam Afusatu Konigbagbe”.

“Konigbagbe claimed to have inherited the uncompleted building from late Alhaji Ashimawu Waleola and the executive chairman of the council was on course to rob her of the said property”.

According to the Vice-chairman, three persons are laying claims to the property and at a point, lawyers represented two of the parties in a meeting with the council officials.

The council officials also said that Konigbage through her lawyer wrote the council, accusing Olu of Agege, Ob Kamila, Osiba of inordinate desire to snatch her property from her.

Madam Konigbagbe said in an interview granted the media that “the land measuring 524.11 square yards was purchased from one Alhaji Jinadu Onilenla on December 21, 1971, without any encumbrance. She added that her family went further to ratify the purchase of the same land on August 8, 2010, with the estate of Onilenla”.

She also said “Taking this building away from me is an attempt to take my life”.

The SLG explicitly stated that “ the local government did not take over the property, they merely secured it to prevent hoodlums from taking over the place”.