The Initiative for Conciliation and Right Protection, a non governmental organization have canvassed for more participation of all Nigerians in electing credible leaders in the future elections, pointing out that only adherence to the rule of law can move the Nation forward.

The convener of the group, Ahmed Isa Shuaib noted that the era where a section of the country or people will not vote and afterwards be complaining about bad leadership should be over, this he said in the joint statement released on Wednesday in Lagos.

According to him, ICRP was founded to enlighten the citizens on their rights and the protection of their right, the group held it’s 2017 summit at the University of Lagos guests house with various speakers such as Mr Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi, Segun Awosanya, Prince Adelaja Adeoye and host of others.

The theme for it’s 2019 public enlightenment paper is “Tour On Peace And Political Stability In Nigeria (PPS), the paper was jointly put together by ICRP, Clever Communication, other pro-democracy activist and politicians.

Starting with Peace, Unity and Right Protection: A bed rock for socio-economic growth by the convener of ICRP, Comrade Ahmad Isa Shuaib said that for the fact that Nigeria is blessed with both human and natural resources remains intact. Any country that is blessed with these resources can sustain itself when they are being managed properly. Hence, good businesses for both the citizens and foreign investors will remain robust.

“These cannot be achieved without Peace, Unity and practical Right Protection that will lead to the political stability and the security of this great nation. Peace and stability must be at the hearts of all Nigerians for a better results.

“Presently, we cannot despute the fact that Nigeria has many problems which include corruption, crimes and terrorism specifically Boko Haram insurgency, kidnapping and banditry, infrastructure deficit, sad state of education and university system, unemployment, sexual harassment as well as the political and economic uncertainty.

“As we know, Nigeria is marked by the emergence in various epochs of civilisations, kingdoms, states, caliphate and natural endowment. Nigeria has continued to enjoy her multiculturalists’ status.

“This has manifested in the way the people socialize and worship in different aspects and manners.

“This has raised many concern from within and outside Nigeria as some Muslims minority group, the Shia Muslims who’s leader Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky was detained despite a valid court order that freed him in December 2016. The case of Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) , the case of Omoyele Sowore , James Abiri , Dadiyata and many Nigerians that are been mishandled, oppressed and denied freedom unjustly by the authority.

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“Joining in the public Statement is the ADP Publicity Secretary in Lagos, Prince Adelaja Adeoye who wrote that for peaceful coexistence to be established amongst Nigerians, the government must have a collaborative understanding with all citizens regardless of their religious or ethnic background, the country is what it is today because of lack of trust and mutual suspicion amongst various groups in the country.

“For instance, the issue of insecurity became heightened due to the ethnic colouration introduced into it, for us to have a peaceful impact and togetherness as citizens, we must be able to live together without any fear that those who are not from our ethnic regions will want to do us harm, look at the Military for instance, various ethnic groups are having issues with one another, all because of lack of trust.

“As a politician, I will like to state it the way it is and have always been, when a President is elected, he should become a leader and father of all, even to those who didn’t vote for him, but when those at the forefront of leadership begins to make divisive policies and statements, it is expected that those who the tide are turning against will react, more in negative ways, which will have severe impact on the peace and progress of the country and breed all kinds of agitations.

“We gained independence in 1960, we have been striving to bring everyone together for a solid and robust Nation, but our gain seems very slow due to the obvious divisiveness, we can close this gap with credible leaders. We can achieve a country where we won’t have to despise the other person because of their religion or ethnicity, leaders must be able to lead by example, this is what we need.

“Bad leadership is a fuel to insecurity, unstable economy and social vices, we are facing these menaces because we are still struggling to install quality leadership, not only at the top level but from the lower ranks, we cannot blame only those at the top, the question we need to ask ourselves is that before these people emerged as leaders were they not members of our society?

“As part of our efforts to bring about a peaceful society, we must embark on massive public re-orientafion, when our citizens have good orientation before getting into the government, they will always have it at the back of their minds that it will be wrong to fail, and they will not want to fail, we must also design a system where those in leadership can be held accountable, if we continue to run a system, where elected officials see themselves as the law or above the law, we cannot achieve much in our quest for a peaceful society, we must abide and respect our law and order.

“Every citizen, either in government or not must see the constitution as supreme, the advanced Nation we want to be like didn’t achieve greatness without respect to the rule of law, we have seen several cases of violent crackdown against peaceful protests because of government’s refusal to obey court orders, we cannot have a just society if we cannot obey law.

“For peaceful coexistence in Nigeria, citizens must make it a duty to properly scrutinize the kind of leaders they want to elect in future elections, a nation with good leaders tend to enjoy relative peace and stability, devoid of ethnic or religious bigotry and divisiveness.

“A Phd students, in Ahmadu Bello University (A.B.U) Zaria who contributed to the statement, comrade Austin Ameh, stressed the need for the Government to shun sentiments and work towards the unity of the people. The Comrade showed concern on the upcoming symbolic trek usually observed by the Shia Muslims that as long they trek peacefully for few days and maintained peace and they are known to be peaceful, Government must ensure their safety as they are Nigerians as such they have the right to practice their religion the way they understand it.”

Dr Alfa Imam Abubakar, who represented the Shia Community also backed the statemeant made by Prince Adelaja Adeoye who stated in addition that by 2023 the Shia Muslims will have substantial numbers and millions of eligible voters that can turn the table and they will only vote for a just leader who cares about the wellbeing of the people.

He called on the Government to release Sheikh El-Zakzaky, Omoyele Sowore, Jones Abiri, Dadiyata, Steven Kefas, Agba Jalingo, Sambo Dasuki and other political prisoners as they pose no threat to all peaceful Nigerians.

Barrister Neto Nwokolo from Clever Communication added that a key foundation for a prosperous and peaceful nation is a non negotiable adherence to the rule of law. He also opined and stressed the need for government to build policies around the use of dialogue, conciliation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods in the solution mix being used to arrest conflict and foster unity.

In conclusion, the Solution to Nigeria’s Problems does not need violence atrocities and damages. The atrocities already committed by Boko Haram and bandits are enough. Our great country Nigeria does not lack its own Peaceful and Effective Solutions, that can only be achieved through peace and unity and collective participation of the people.



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