September 26, 2019

Why crave for online education is rising — Harrow Online School boss

Why crave for online education is rising  — Harrow Online School boss

By Adesina Wahab

Flexible timetable, meeting the needs of students who may not thrive well in physical classrooms and the ability to link teachers and students from different nations across the globe are some of the advantages people are now taking by enrolling in online schools.

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The Principal, Harrow Online School, England, Heather Rhodes, who stated this recently through a teleconferencing from London, said Harrow Online School decided to open its digital gates to international students, including Nigerians, to also benefit from the rich tradition of excellent teaching the parent school, Harrow School, had been known for for centuries.

Rhodes, who said the online school would commence in September 2020, added that since the world had become a global village, there was need to provide education that would meet global standards and prepare students for global market as well.

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She added that Harrow School Online was poised to satisfy the needs of Nigerians seeking to study using British Curriculum.

“It is a co-educational school for ambitious students aged 16 and above. Students are to study virtually for the Pearson Edexcel International A-Level Examinations. The school is initially going to focus on STEM Subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics) and Economics. It is to prepare students for higher education and job opportunities of the future.

“ Using digital   platform, students will take part in one-on-one academic tutorials, live online lessons with a teacher and other students, self-study, study lessons completed at a time and pace to suit the individual student and regular coaching sessions that will provide them with personalised support and feedback. Students also have the chance to attend a summer course at Harrow School, England,” she said.

While she put the fees at £6,700 per year, Rhodes said 10 percent of the students could benefit from a scholarship which would be about 25 percent of the fees.

She explained that students desiring scholarship would have to state their intention while applying for admission, and they would be tested and screened and the beneficiaries chosen on merit.

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On the challenges connectivity could pose, Rhodes stressed that classes would be recorded and could be played back at any time.

She explained that students would take seven lessons per week and that each lesson would be 45 minutes long.

Five of the lessons are self-study and two are live lessons and are to be provided using a state-of-the-art learning platform used by over 75,000 people globally.