September 14, 2019

VIDEO: Osinbajo reacts to memes that ‘roast me’ on social media

Osinbajo, social media

One of the memes Professor Yemi Osinbajo used as an example

Speaks on Buhari’s certificate, his alleged resignation before election

Victor Ogunyinka

Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo has made light several social media memes about him speaking with President Muhammadu Buhari, saying “It appears that every photograph of me speaking with the president has been characterised as though I am saying something mischievous.”

Osinbajo, social media

One of the memes Professor Yemi Osinbajo used as an example

Professor Osinbajo also mentioned that he found some of the memes quite “creative and funny.”

Speaking on the power of the press and indeed the social media, Osinbajo narrated how his aunt, just before the election in February, called and asked why he resigned his appointment.

“I told her I haven’t resigned my appointment and she insisted that I did, saying she saw it on WhatsApp. Even after saying I didn’t, she queried that if I didn’t, why was it on WhatsApp?

“The media is powerful and moreso is the social media. If someone tells you it is raining and the other person says it is not. What you should do is go and check if it is raining and not necessarily report both,” Osinbajo said.

The Vice President added: “I am a firm believer in the freedom of press, whether it is responsible press or irresponsible press. What is often lacking though is the deliberate or advertent lack of curiosity about facts.

“See the issue on the President’s WAEC certificate, one would have thought that a simple investigation by the media houses would establish the truth or falsehood of the matter. With the ubiquity and anonymity of social media, everyday problems of a free press are becoming complex.

“There was a video of an occurrence in India showing some people jumping out of a burning high-rise building in May. This provocative and FAKE video had a woman cursing the President and I, our families and generations, Osinbajo said.

The Vice President also found enough time to say “I am thankful for the help and support we get everyday from the press and to say for good or for ill, at all times, whether you report nicely or not so nicely, we will always be friends and partners.”