September 13, 2019

US startup charging N35,438 instead of N12 trn to send human DNA to moon

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A private trip to the Moon’s orbit according to Futurism, a technology website, could cost you anywhere from $35 million (N12 trillion) to $150 million (N53 trillion). But now, one startup is saying it’ll charge just $99 (N35,438) to put people on the Moon.


In a newly published IEEE Spectrum story, a startup founder, Ben Haldeman shares his company’s plan to send human DNA to the Moon, an innovative undertaking that could also ensure humanity lives on even if Earth becomes uninhabitable.

The project will launch this fall with a Kickstarter campaign through which the startup (LifeShip) will sell $99 kits that backers can use to collect samples of their spit.

LifeShip will then extract DNA from the saliva and preserve it in an “artificial amber” that will reach the Moon as part of a future Arch Mission journey.

“You provide a saliva sample and then we take your DNA, your source code, and preserve it up in space for eternity,” Haldeman told IEEE Spectrum.

“Eternity” might be a stretch, though.

The report by Futurism also cautioned that while the DNA might land on the Moon through the LifeShip project, even Haldeman isn’t sure how long it’ll survive once it reaches its lunar destination.

“We can’t guarantee a million years on the Moon but it should be up there for a while,” he told IEEE Spectrum. “It’s about archiving life and saving for the future but also the wonder of travelling into space and what could happen with this DNA in the future.”