The lives of upcoming actresses are never an easy one as they have so many challenges to grapple with to break to the surface to be noticed.

For Pat Ugwu also known as Sugar Girl the journey has been dotted with hills and valleys but she has decided to stop at nothing to achieve her dream of being a screen goddess and fate is beginning to smile on her.

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Apart from acting the University of Abuja undergraduate has carved a niche for herself as a singer, dancer and a model. In this edition of Star Tracker she shares her journey with us and what makes her kick as woman.

Tell us how and when acting started for you

I started acting when I was small. They used to come to my village to do movies, from there I started following them around and began from doing one scene. But I started acting officially in 2016. I have features in many movies so many movies but my best is one of the movies I did last year  titled ‘Lack of Money’. I love that movie so much. Others I have done include  My title, Port Harcourt Lady, Twist of Fate and others.

What does being sexy mean to you and should a woman flaunt her endowment?

Being sexy means everything to me, it means the world to me. I like being sexy, as a woman you have to be sexy, if you are not sexy then you have lost out as a woman. Some of us that are not facially beautiful, we have to flaunt the other assets in our body that make us outstanding. I don’t joke with being sexy that’s why I am always in the gym, exercising my body to look fit and fresh.

Even in my 50s, I won’t stop going to the gym because I want to be forever sexy. Don’t let any man come and tell you not to showcase what you’ve got. Why won’t you flaunt what God gave you? It’s for your advantage, slay it, anybody that loves you will like everything about you. I don’t care about haters and those who speaks ill about me, my butt is what you can call ‘original’ or ‘authentic’ not surgical, so I will flaunt it because I’m proud of myself,

What are your most embarrassing moments as an actor?

The most embarrassing moment I have experienced was when I was on set and I wanted to snap some pictures with some of our famous celebrities who were also cast for the same movie I was featuring (Zombie),   the likes of Mama G, Richeal Okonkwo and others, I begged them for three good days just to snap with them but they turned me down. They said “don’t worry, later” but they never did. How can a fellow woman and a colleague beg you so much just to take a picture with you and you snob her? I was so embarrassed.

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I promised myself not to snap with any celebrity again on set. I decided to stay on my own from that day. They turned me down like I was nobody. I felt so bad, they saw me as a local girl and too low to their standard, an unknown personality but they have forgotten that the dead will rise and  here I am today. The same people who refused to snap with me are the ones making good comment on my post on Instagram now. When I post pictures or dance, they will check and give good comments. They say things like “We love your style”; We love your zeal etc because I did not give up, I wasn’t frustrated ( I’m feeling so emotional right now, I feel like crying).

What are your selling points and how  have they helped your career?

I love this question, you all know my selling point, it’s my bum, ‘Ikebe’, ‘Ukwu’, I’m the CEO, what else if not my ass.  I take care of my ass more than my stomach because it’s my selling point.  I also cherish my legs too, men are dying for the ass and my ass has helped me so much, it is still helping me and I believe it can only get bigger even tomorrow, so no shaking.

What are the challenges you have battled with in the course of your career?

You should know how people can be envious of good things; they tried to stop me from progressing in life. I have faced a lot of challenges, it’s not everybody that likes my kind of job and some who like it want me out of the way. Even those who are close to me don’t like what I do, most of my girls are jealous of me, even the directors that gave me job before have stopped, but I’m not giving up, never, because I have my objectives in life so I won’t let anything stop me. It’s good when you know your challenges, it makes you stronger and determined.

Tell us about high and low points of your career and lesson learned along the way?

I have learnt so many lessons in this career, I have learnt to be alone, to plan alone and do my things alone, because doing things with people will not take me anywhere in life. I have also learnt that if I must succeed, I just have to stay away from girls, I mean Nollywood friends, they are too jealous.

Anytime they come around me or pass the night with me, it’s either to hack into my account or to monitor my chat with people so they could set me up or tarnish my image. So, I have learnt my lesson to stay away from them and not to tell them my plans or secrets. I don’t want to have anything with them in this world or the next, and I’m doing great without them.

What’s your opinion on sex, marriage and relationship?

Talking about marriage and relationship, I am sorry I don’t know much about it, I am not yet married and I’m not in a relationship, so, I can’t tell you much about it. But when you talk about sex, I can lecture you on that.

Sex is what I do when I’m horny and feel like having a night stand. I can go and have fun, this year I am free, I am not in any relationship, and I am not even thinking of having a relationship next year. I had a relationship that almost took my life last year, I almost died loving a stupid guy that never supported my career and trying to control my life. So, I have made up my mind not to have any relationship till further notice. My job is my top priority.

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How has the social media influenced your growth as an actress?

Social media has helped me a lot; I love the platform so much. I could remember three to five years ago when Nollywood would go as far as paying so much to make their movies sell in Onitsha, Iroko and Alaba markets and other places, but now social media has made things easier, our movies are everywhere on social media, market directors don’t play with our intelligence anymore. Social media has made things easier for me, I can now dance and twerk and get paid for it. Anything I do, people appreciate it, they send me money, messages and even pay my bills, all thanks to social media platform.

What are your ultimate goals as an actor?

My ultimate goal as an actor is to achieve greatness in my career. I pray that from now to 2020, people will hear from me. I sing, I dance, I model, I do many things and I also act. I pray that God should help me to achieve all my goes in life; I know he will do it.



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